My Creative Space

Aden had a two hour nap my room got the once over for some photos. The quilts are all hung on the wall...with space left for this years EB Doll Quilt swap! The shelves are somewhat tidy...or at least I know where stuff is...and I'm ready to get stuck into some serious sewing!

It's not the most glamorous or pretty I've seen on blogs but it's mine and it here is my creative space!

The view from the sewing desk
My little helper getting in trouble for pulling the foot peddles to my other machines out of the cupboards...his favourite thing to do!

When did you start letting your children in to your sewing room/area?? When are they old enough to know not to touch??


Car said…
Miss K has been in my sewing room from a wee babe! With touching stuff, I just slowly taught her what she could and couldn't touch and gave her her own basket of special "sewing" toys. She still at 3 will touch something she's not supposed to, but most times she just sticks to fabrics and messes them up! Fabric scraps are great for toddlers!!!

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