Hanging of the quilt!

Look what is now hanging in Aden's room! I finally have added a hanging sleeve to the back of the quilt ( in what appears to be exactly the same fabric that I found in my stash!!) and it looks perfect! Adds a whole lot of colour and life to Aden's room!

He is very content to sit in the rocker with me and stare at the quilt...most likely for different reasons though!
Thanks Emma!

My ATB2 Quilt will match in with this quilt and be for his big bed...when he gets one!


~LilOlFrankie~ said…
It's gorgeous AJ, Aden is a very lucky little boy :o)
Emma said…
What a perfect spot for it! Fantastic to see it hanging!
princess pudge said…
Wow, that quilt is completely stunning, what a lucky little man to have that in his room!
Lily Mulholland said…
It looks like a painting! Beautiful!

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