Bad Mummy Moment # 53

I had a slight panic moment today...

I had just strapped Aden into his car seat, he was holding the keys to keep him distracted while I did up the buckle, I shut the door and he pressed the button to lock the car. CLICK!! Aden had locked himself in the car!!

He kept pressing the button while I tried to get him to press the other button to unlock the such luck! I rang RACQ who quickly arrived. Luckily we hadn't left home yet and I was able to get back into the house as my bag and phone were also locked into the car! Also very lucky as the car was parked in the garage and not in the full sun in the middle of the day!

A quick call 1000 kms away to SIL to get a phone number to ring Hubby as he wasn't answering his phone at work and I couldn't find any numbers in the house.. they were all in my phone!

Aden didn't seem to mind too much and is completely fine....just a Bad Mummy moment...

Bad Mummy!! I'll have to be more careful of where the keys are when I shut the door!


Helen said…
Cheeky monkey!!! Glad it was all okay though. :)
Paula said…
Have learnt - after 3 kids - always leave 1 door open in the car, until you have the keys in your hand!

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