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Merry Christmas


Finished Christmas Tree skirt

And just in time for Christmas!!!

I ran out of binding a few days ago but picked some up yesterday and now I have finished...I Like it....Now we just have to change our Christmas Tree theme for next year cause silver doesn't match!

See A I do finish things I start!!!


I got a nice Christmas bonus of 2 years back pay this we have made a list of what we would like to buy and were waiting til the after christmas sales to spend it...but yesterday we found this....

We've been needing a new quilt cover for about 2 years now...I was so sick of the old one....this one is good with out being to girly....I already have plans of making a chocolate and cream (with splashes of aqua) quilt to go with it!!

Yes there is a pillow case missing....I droped it when taking it off the line and when I went back down to get it it had Jester slobber on it!!! So now it is waiting for another wash!

We also bought some new sheets to match...half price!!....they feel very nice to sleep on!


A is getting much more adventurous with his cooking....Yesterday we made bread!! It has Zucchini and Goat's Cheese in it and it is yummy!!!! A has never seen anyone make bread before and I had great difficulty explaining to him how to kneed it!! I wasn't allowed to show him cause it was his bread...!!!

It turned out alright in the end... it needed to be cooked are a little longer though...I think it was a little sticky in the middle, although that could have just been the cheese...any way it made heaps more than we bargained for so half of it is in the freezer...

We have heaps of yummy things planned for Christmas brunch...we went and bought the last of the stuff today....just the bread to pick up on Sunday so that it is fresh!!

Firsts for Jester

Jester went for his first swim yesterday...we took him for a walk yesterday morning to the dog park...there were no other dogs there (Yeah!) and he played around for awhile chasing the birds and just sniffing and playing... we found a tennis ball there to play with...he is finally getting better at bringing it back...then as we were leaving we decided to take him to the river's edge and give him a swim...he walked in the water but wouldn't go far enough out to A picked him up and threw him out where he couldn't touch!! He swam around for a bit and loved it!! Then A had to take off his shoes and socks and go and get Jester cause he went too far along the river where we couldn't get him and he wouldn't come!!! A not happy!! Then we put the lead on him so that we could pull him back in if he went too far...I think we'll take a rope down next time to tie to his lead so he can swim out further!

First for me yesterday also...had to pick up Jester's poo …

Sweet baby

I worked on this last night...I think I'll ask my mum to write me a letter, about me as a baby, for the journaling. Stuff she remembers about the first 6 weeks of my life..

Christmas Tree 2006

We decided to go for a silver theme this year....with our white (boring) lights it does look pretty cool...snowy theme A calls it...Noodle loved playing with the ornaments that hang down low on the tree...Lucky we have cheap ones!!

I'm thinking I'll make some photo ones to add to the tree, in silver...with a small splash of seems to be my favourite colour these days...Black and white photo of our little family for our tree!

Dh is back!!

After 7 and a half long weeks Hubby is home!! YEAH!!! And he bought home a surprise...He won the 'Student Of Merit' award for being the best on course!! I'm so proud!!


New projects....

I have two new projects for the new year....Mum needs me to add some extra length to the quilt I made I will be bringing that back from holidays to work on....and she wants a special scrapbooking album done for her 50th October 2008!! I need to start now so I have plenty of time to finish it...Just thought I'd record ideas here so I don't forget what she wants...

Colours: Purple, Glod, Olive Rust, Browns etc Egyptian colours
Style: contempary/vintage....not retro or brights
Number of pages: 10 or so photos for each decade.....50 odd?? So looking at 30 pages??? maybe a few more??? Will have to see how it pans out!

Yeah...I'm project....Don't know if A will feel the same way!!

Sisters...if there is anything you think needs to go in there....make sure you tell me!!

Tree Skirt Progress

I decided to go with trees....the trees echo the edges of the skirt and they are simple and won't take me forever to finish...(hopefully!!) I'm going to work on them now before A rings to say goodnight! LOVE YOU LOTS A!!!!

Weigh In

I weighed myself today....thought I'd put it here as a reference:63.5kg

I'd like to get to 61kg (I've been down to 62 using the CSIRO Wellbeing Plan before)

2nd layout

I finished this layout is the second (I've now changed it to the first page it looked better on the other side) page of a two page layout...but I'm still having some setting out issues on the first (now second) page...I don't know where I should put the journaling or how much detail will I need??

Blogger is down will add pic later!
Blogger still not letting me add pictures.....I have now finished the second page too!!
Blogger being a pain...the java script won't work...had to do this from Mozilla Firefox...must get A to check that when he gets home on Wednesday


I couldn't sleep last night (too worried about A) so here is my first scrapbooking layout that I have finished....I have a few others started but I always get stuck on the title and journaling...I think I like it...I sooo didn't want to cut into my papers but I figure why buy them if you don't use them...and I can always buy another one if I stuff up....What do you think.... does it look finished?