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1 month

Aden is 1 month old this weekend...

and we have just returned from meeting the rest of his family...almost...just 2 Aunties and an Uncle to go!

He was an absolute angel on the plane...barely a 30 second grizzle on decent on the way there, much to the relief of the old man sitting next to us I'm sure! The flight home was just as pleasant, a few more grizzles this time but they were quickly resolved with a few cuddles and some Mummy milk!

Aden was very pleased to meet his Pa, Aunty Bee, Uncle Trent, Aunty KC, Cousin Annaleisa and his Great-Grandparents, as well as the rest of his extended family...It almost wore him out! But being the true little champion that he is he managed quite well being passed around and fussed over. Let's hope he doesn't think that the fussing will contiune at home this week and he continues to be good!
Kisses and
Cuddles from cousin Annaleisa

4 Generations

Lucky his Dad was there to give him some timeout!

Aden made yet another trip to the beach...this one w…

Quilt-a-long....Panel Quilt

New quilter Emma asked for some help to make a quilt from a panel and some matching fabric she was given....So I've taken up the challenge...she found a quilt that she liked and I worked out the block sizes for her...then I got to thinking...don't I have a panel here somewhere that I would like to make into a quilt...and yes I found one!

So instead of just giving Emma the instructions...I'm going to show her...and you too if you like!

Finished Quilt Size = single bed

Fabric requirements:
Fabric Panel = 35 1/2 x 45 1/2 inches
Fabric A = 90cms x 40cms (Brown)
Fabric B = 112cms x 55cms (Yellow)
Fabric C = 112cms x 150cms (Dark Blue)
farbic D = 112cms x 55cms (Light Blue)
Fabric E = 112cms x 85cms (Green)
Backing = 112cms x 5 metres

These measurments are given in centimetres as that is the common way to buy fabric here in Australia....all other instructions will be given in inches

Aden helping Mummy pick fabrics!

Step One
Trim the panel to 35 1/2 inches x 45 1/2 inches

Becuase of the wonky…

Beach Trip!

We made it to the beach this took a little longer to get organised though! Between making sure Aden was fed, dry, nappy bag-ed and happy (ie asleep!) and getting the car ready for Jester...hose for washing off the sand before he gets back in, an extra towel to dry him off and the short lead to tie him in....we were ready to go! Jester was very good in the car...better than he ever was in the ute...he used to run back and forth in the ute from side to side...this time he happily stood/sat in the back. It did take a little convincing to get him in the first time though!

3 Weeks

We tried to start Aden into a bit more of a routine this week...but I've been getting less sleep than I was before..and it is hard to stick to when he just won't wake up! So our routine only lasted a few days...and today we've gone back to using Aden's routine...
We have started more tummy time, which Aden doesn't like very much....

and walking the dog, which Aden seemed to like although there were only short moments that he was actually wake. I'm hoping it will help remove the last little bit of baby tummy....which you can see in this photo!

I've also added bed time stories to the night time feed routine...feed one side, book, change nappy, offer other side, 2 minutes of cuddles, kiss for daddy and then into the cot, to sleep, usually only takes one re-settle with the dummy.
Aden's first bed time books...We've read 'Giraffes can't dance' by Giles Andreae and 'The very cranky bear' by Nick Bland. He slept through most of the first bo…

Our New Car

We couldn't fit Jester and Aden into the Ute so we needed to buy a new car!
We found this last Tuesday and bought it out-right, don't owe a thing, on Friday! It's a Subaru Forester 2.5XT, with a Turbo motor. It is the flashest car I've ever owned! Full leather interior, sun roof, climate control, 6-stacker CD player, cruise control, full driver and passenger airbags, etc. I can't tell you what is it like to drive, as I can't drive it for another 3 weeks at least, but it is very comfy to ride in. Even Aden thinks so! We haven't tried it out with the dog yet...but I'll let you know how that goes when we take him to the beach next!

2 Weeks

Aden is 2 weeks old today! It feels like we have had him here with us forever...and yet time seems to be going sooooo fast! DH has gone fishing today with his Dad so it was an early start and I should have gone back to bed....but decided to squeeze in the blog instead...I think I will need a nap later today!
Aden went to the beach for the first time this week...I can't say he was overly impressed as he spent most of the time asleep...but Jester loved the attention!

Aden loves his pram....he spent a few hours in it on Tuesday while we shopped for a new car....that we should be picking up I'll blog it then!

His 'big boy' overalls from Nanny...they look super I need to sew some for him
Despite this first picture, Aden loved having his Grandma here and we did too! Thanks for all your help Lyn!

Aunty Katie
Aunty Emma