3 Weeks

We tried to start Aden into a bit more of a routine this week...but I've been getting less sleep than I was before..and it is hard to stick to when he just won't wake up! So our routine only lasted a few days...and today we've gone back to using Aden's routine...
We have started more tummy time, which Aden doesn't like very much....

and walking the dog, which Aden seemed to like although there were only short moments that he was actually wake. I'm hoping it will help remove the last little bit of baby tummy....which you can see in this photo!

I've also added bed time stories to the night time feed routine...feed one side, book, change nappy, offer other side, 2 minutes of cuddles, kiss for daddy and then into the cot, to sleep, usually only takes one re-settle with the dummy.
Aden's first bed time books...We've read 'Giraffes can't dance' by Giles Andreae and 'The very cranky bear' by Nick Bland. He slept through most of the first book after a feed but the last two nights his eyes have been open and he is watching the pages...I'm going to teach him to love books just like the rest of our family do!

Aden's first smile...at 2 weeks +5 days...DH loves pulling faces and playing with Aden...he was rewarded with not one but two genuine smiles! The end of this one was accidentally caught on camera. He did it again a few hours later and today I got one too!
Pulling faces at Daddy!
Kisses for Daddy! Aden loves to open his mouth when you go to kiss him
Aden now loves his bath...and has even stopped crying when it is time to hop out!


Helen said…
Love the shot of him pulling faces at Aaron! Classic ohhhhh moment. PS - Aden, Giraffe's CAN dance!
marilyn said…
I love the picture of you reading to Aden. Your
right about encouraging right from the start,
a love of books.
Lovely pics AJ!
Cylie said…
He's just gorgeous. Huge belated congrats.
Austy's Mum said…
Great to see you reading stories to him so early. We did with both of ours too - Austy got his first book read to him in hospital as it was one of his baby gifts. I forgot to pack one in teh baby bag for Madelyn so she had to wait until we were home but loves them to bits, squealing with delight and grabbing at the pages. When we went for Austy's 6m check up, I remember the nurse telling us "You can move on from picture books now to ones with a few words." Dh and I just looked at each other with a strange frown - we had been reading STORY books since he was born (just as you are) with lots of rhythm and rhyme. She told us it could confuse him to read to much too soon... but when his first words came at 10m we think she was totally WRONG!

Our favourites are the Hairy Maclary series by Linley Dodd (excellent rhythm and great words like "rapscallion" you wouldn't find in many kids books), the Guess How Much I Love you books (they are just sweet and beautifully illustrated). "The Gruffalo" and "I know a Rhino" are also much loved, but my personal favourite is "Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball". Just a few there for you to look out for!

Both my kids love reading time and go weekly to library sessions (one for preschoolers and one for babies) to encourage the wonder of books. It's fantastic!

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