Quilt-a-long....Panel Quilt

New quilter Emma asked for some help to make a quilt from a panel and some matching fabric she was given....So I've taken up the challenge...she found a quilt that she liked and I worked out the block sizes for her...then I got to thinking...don't I have a panel here somewhere that I would like to make into a quilt...and yes I found one!

So instead of just giving Emma the instructions...I'm going to show her...and you too if you like!

Finished Quilt Size = single bed

Fabric requirements:
Fabric Panel = 35 1/2 x 45 1/2 inches
Fabric A = 90cms x 40cms (Brown)
Fabric B = 112cms x 55cms (Yellow)
Fabric C = 112cms x 150cms (Dark Blue)
farbic D = 112cms x 55cms (Light Blue)
Fabric E = 112cms x 85cms (Green)
Backing = 112cms x 5 metres

These measurments are given in centimetres as that is the common way to buy fabric here in Australia....all other instructions will be given in inches

Aden helping Mummy pick fabrics!

Step One
Trim the panel to 35 1/2 inches x 45 1/2 inches

Becuase of the wonky cut on the panel I had I've had to add a little extra to the sides and top/bottom to get it to these measurements...

Then cut two lenghts of fabric A 35 1/2 inches x 7 inches and attach to the top and bottom

Un-finishd size edge to edge is 35 1/2 x 59 inches

More soon.....


Emma said…
So, it would seem that Aden is like James, and rather keen on pinks?!
Helen said…
I love how Aden is helping! Another few months.....
Cascade Lily said…
I have some of that lovely floral pink AJ. And a cute helper too. But not as tiny as yours!

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