1 month

Aden is 1 month old this weekend...

and we have just returned from meeting the rest of his family...almost...just 2 Aunties and an Uncle to go!

He was an absolute angel on the plane...barely a 30 second grizzle on decent on the way there, much to the relief of the old man sitting next to us I'm sure! The flight home was just as pleasant, a few more grizzles this time but they were quickly resolved with a few cuddles and some Mummy milk!

Aden was very pleased to meet his Pa, Aunty Bee, Uncle Trent, Aunty KC, Cousin Annaleisa and his Great-Grandparents, as well as the rest of his extended family...It almost wore him out! But being the true little champion that he is he managed quite well being passed around and fussed over. Let's hope he doesn't think that the fussing will contiune at home this week and he continues to be good!
Kisses and
Cuddles from cousin Annaleisa

4 Generations

Lucky his Dad was there to give him some timeout!

Aden made yet another trip to the beach...this one with waves...if it wasn't blowing a gale I would have probally dipped his feet in the water...next time. He spent the whole time cuddled into someones chest. Annaleisa enjoyed her first swim at the beach though....playing with her Dad, Pa and Aunty Bee! At 1 month old

  • Aden loves having his nappy off
  • He can smile - mostly at Daddy
  • Aden can track the mobile above his change table with his eyes - loving the octopus the best
  • He can recognise Mummy's voice and will sometimes movehis head towards her
  • Mostly only wakes once in the night usually at around 3am - although he has slept through twice, from 8pm til 5am
  • Aden likes going in the car
  • Aden loves having baths
  • He is demand feed 6-7 times in 24 hours
  • His favourite toy is a red bird on the playmat bar
  • Aden has been on a plane - twice
  • Aden will sleep anywhere
  • He loves his lunchtime sleep on Mummy's chest (so she can have a nap too!)
  • Aden is very snuggly and cuddles into you
  • He is very content
  • Aden will play by himself on the playmat for 20mins at a time
  • He has grown out of all his '0000' clothing
  • Aden likes listening to the stories Mummy reads - his favourite being 'The very cranky bear'
  • Weight 4.710kg (75th percentile) - putting on 450grams since birth
  • Length 56.5cm (75th percentile) - growing 3.5 cms since birth
  • Head circumference 38cms (50th percentile) - growing 2.5cms since birth

Yes my Dad's shirt say 'I love to Fart'....Aden takes after him.....

Riding with Granma!


Great photos AJ. Thanks for sharing :)
Cascade Lily said…
Love the photos - esp the one of Aden with your dad and his t-shirt! LOL

Are you putting anything on Aden's face for the red blotches? The reason I ask is that Rom had a similar problem and the chemist recommended QV lotion and cream - it's cheap, pure and marvellous. Maybe try some if you haven't already. You can get it and bath wash from any pharmacy :)'

Love the pic of Aden in his shorts too :wub:

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