Aden's Quilt

Thank you Thank you Thank you....Adds, Bec, Cylie, Emma, Helen, Joy, Leah, Lily, Mands, Milly and Sandi (blogless!!)....the wonderful quilters who are such wonderful friends! Even though I've never met any of them I feel very privileged to know them all....look at the talent in this one quilt!

Aden liked this quilt much better then the one I made him...he even has a little smile on his face!


Leah said…
Looks fabulous AJ :) Well done girls :)
JazyJae's said…
lanalarn aka Sandi said…
It is great to see it finally finished. I have so wanted to see what the other blocks looked like.
Cascade Lily said…
Oh hooray! It's arrived :)

It looks fantastic. LOL I didn't even see Aden in the second photo until I looked again!

It was such a pleasure to make a block for this gorgeous quilt. So glad you love it!
Helen said…
Look at Aden! The giraffee is bigger than him! Glad you like it AJ! :)
cas said…
OMG i love the quilt.... well done girls! AJ he is just so beautiful!

Cas Cas xoxo
Oh wow, that is amazing! The girls did a fantastic job.
Cylie said…
So glad you liked it, it is just huge!!!

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