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A new project??

I'm loving this quilt...from the lastest Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine Annual 2007 (Vol 15 No 10)...It's so cute...hummm dare I start a new project???

Best and Fairest

We got absolutely smashed at netball tonight....but I got Best and Fairest of the match...Yeah me!!

To border or not to border.....

it seems so I need to decide what to do....

Small log cabin quilt



I have finished all my log cabin blocks....all 120 and of them!!! Now I just have to decide what arrangement to have them in...I'm still liking the diamonds for the spare room and radiating diamonds for the smaller quilt....hummmmm....will have to lay it out and see!


I went shopping at the local patchwork shop and spotlight yesterday....and found these to add as colours to my log cabins....I'm hoping to finish them this arvo!! Believe it or not I'm having to cut a heap more strips...and I thought I would have way too many!!

I also got these as backings...the blue for Bernadette's Tropical Quilt and the pink for the Fairy wall hangings.


Yeah I'm on machine is warming up as I speak

As requested by Helen...our rings


I'm loving my you can see from the photos...warm and toasty in front of the TV stitching...bliss!! I have since fixed the hole in the middle of the last is spread out on our 6 person dining getting big now...I just sit and stare at it for minutes at a time...I love it!! DH thinks I'm crazy!!

Winner again!!

Must be my lucky day....when I got to work today I found out I was the winner of the footy tipping competition!! YEAH 6 out of 6 for me!!! DH and the others were most jealous and said that I cheated...I did just a quick guess cause I nearly forgot to put them in!!

The FS appointment went really well yesterday too...all geared up ready to go for next cycle!! Yeah!!


What a winner I am....I, opps I mean we, won our Netball grand final tonight....

back later to show off the winners mug....*yawn* too tired right now!
Here it is

DH keeps saying "You're a real winner alright" in just that tone of voice

Egyptian Feathered Star

This is the quilt I'm struggling with at the moment...It needs another border...after it was already finished!!

Hot Possum Door Hangings

Started making these 'Hot Possum' door/wall hangings for some new born babes this weekend...hopefully it won't take me too long to finish them!!

Piles of Log Cabins.....

No I haven't been sewing ...just realised that I hadn't posted these pictures yet. A pile of Log cabin blocks...with just as many more to finish....and then I did I have to make another 6 blocks....grrrrr... I'm making this quilt with no-one in mind....unusual for me....will have to think of someone to give it too!! Any takers???

873 and counting.....

My sewing room/study looks so bare without my machine on the desk....:( Hexagons still comming along....Think I might start some smaller ones now.....

Finished Top

I got this finished today....after buying the last little bit I needed on Friday (and picked up two more FQ for my log cabins) I think it is big enough for a lap quilt....59 inches x 48 inches...I'm thinking dark blue backing and not sure of the binding....maybe blue multi-coloured??

I've also put away my sewing machine for a while....(never fear the hexagons will continue).....I MUST get my reporting up-to-date as the holidays are not far away!!! YEAH!!!