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Slowly slowly....Noah might be finished by Aden's first birthday....Last porgress shot was here...not that different...lots more sky done

6 months

Aden Henry you are such a big boy now. I watch you change before my very eyes everyday!

It was just a matter of days between a rolly-polly baby and a crawling boy! That's right at just a few days short of 6 months Aden crawled! It started with comando crawling, at 5.5 months, where he would drag himself along (proving just how very dirty the floors were/are) to get what ever it is that was just out of his reach. His record so far is 13 'crawls' from Daddy to me on the carpet in the lounge. But he doesn't mind crawling on the hard floors either.
It took just over a week for Aden to transition from comando to proper crawling and it was great to see. We could almost hear him thinking, the look of concentration on his face was just precious. His knees would come up to his hands but he just couldn't work out how to take the weight from 2 hands to 1 and when he tried he would nose dive into the floor. He would then revert back to comando crawling for a little whi…

More Summer Hats

Aden finally has a hat! The top one in this photo is his! Trucks!!
Ads can also see the tiniest sneek peek of Cate's hat too!

That is 2 things done on my list for 2010!

Happy Australia Day!

I used to dread Australia it ment back to work day...not this year! DH returns to work tomorrow after 7 (looong) weeks Aden and I can get back into more sewing time without feeling guilty about the neglected housework!
I hope all those littlies going to school for the first time tomorrow have a wonderful day...I imagine in a few short years I'll be sad sending Aden off to school!

Just a quick one of my little Aussie kid!

List for 2010....

It is long...and maybe over ambitious....??
Most of these, embarrassingly have already been started....opps!
2010 will be the year of finishes!!

 Aden’s Bunting
 Aden’s Hat x 2
 Aden’s Santa Sack
 Annaleisa’s Stacked Coin Quilt
 Annaleisa’s Doll Coin Quilt (Binding only)
 Annaleisa’s Santa Sack
 Baby J’s Bunting
 Baby J’s Santa Sack
 Blue and Green Table Runner
 Blue and White Table Runner
 Cat Wall Hanging
 Cate’s Hat
 Christmas Table Runner
 Dog Bag for Trumpy
 Door ‘snake’
 Door stoppers x 7
 Fabric Books
 Farm Panel Quilt for Emma
 Fish Pillow
 Hat for me x 2
 Log Cabin Quilt for Jodie
 Log Cabin Quilt for spare room
 Meg’s Baby Quilt
 Mum’s spare room, box quilt (backing and quilting only)
 Nappy Bag for Nicole
 Nappy Stacker for Nicole
 Nicholas’ Star Quilt
 Noah’s Submarine Cross Stitch
 Pink baby quilt
 Pink baby quilt
 Pooh Bear Panel Quilt
 Quilt for Baby Ben
 Rail Fence (Pink/Yellow/Orange) Quilt
 Red Celtic Chair Cover
 Road works BOM Quilt
 Stella’s Quilt (Binding only)
 …

Happy Birthday!

My Darling Hubby had his birthday yesterday....He got some thongs and DVD's...and I made him this chocolate cake!We then Wii'd with Bee and H, MIL and Step-FIL!

2009 Quilts

1. Prints Charming, 2. Girly Romance, 3. Doll Quilt for Emma, 4. Bright 9-Patch, 5. Pastle 9-PAtch, 6. Noah and Friends!, 7. Finished 26th March 2009 - Quilted by Helen, 8. Samuel's Quilt

Very sad to see only 8 quilts finished this year....I will be finishing more this year!

Baby Food!!

Since we were moving when I started Aden on solids he had store bought baby food for the first few weeks. Now we have moved in and are sorted...well sort of....I've been making food for Aden to go with his rice cereal.

Aunty Bee was visiting today and gave Aden his homemade pumpkin for lunch....
and finished with a few air guitar lessons!! LOL

And Tonight I have spent the better part of 2 hours making more stock for the freezer!
Sweet Potato, Potato and Parsnip and the purple one is Apple, Pear and Blueberries! It smelt a hot apple pie!!