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What would you like for Christmas??

Feeling a little tired with all that Christmas shopping??

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Growing up...

My clever little son has learnt to drink out of a cup!
and a bowl it appears!

He is even clever enough to hold both at the same time!

We have had very little spills so far but he is watched very closely...the less mess the always seems like there is a mess to clean up!

He likes to drink the juice from the fruit in the bowl!

So innocent...not!

Candle Mat Swap

This arrived all the way from Canada today....and mine is on its way to Germany....hope it gets there safely!

I've heard about using the backing and folding it over to make a binding but I've never seen it done. This one is nice and neat and very effective!!

Thanks Heather it will look lovely on our table over the festive season!

Busy Weekend....

We have had a very busy weekend...and a sick boy....not a good combo but at 8am this Monday morning he is still asleep...I'm hoping the sleep will have him wake all better...I don't like him being sick!

So here is what we did...
Friday we delivered our old lounges to my sister so that there would be room for our new one to be delivered on Saturday. I moved the rocker out of Aden's room, which left just a cot and lots of empty space, so we moved most of his toys out of the lounge area downstairs into his room. He loved it and had a ball re-discovering all his toys again! There are still some toys down stairs and it means there are 2 messy areas to tidy up at night but this will be just temporary positions til he gets a 'big boy' bed at Christmas.
After a BBQ at MIL's on Friday night I sewed...2 little pairs of boxer shorts for Aden and Bailey to wear when Santa visits. These were quick and fun to make! I bought the shirts for $5 a few weeks back.

I also finished of…

Fridge Art

Our first pieces of 'art' work come home from Day Care this week.

Me and my boy!

Both at around 6 months!

Around the block 2

Here is the second part of my tutorial for my 'Around the Block' blocks.

Just a log cabin really with the strips of varying widths, which means the centre square will end up off centre in different directions for differnt blocks, which is what I want to happen. It will make the layout of the blocks tricker when I get to that part!

The most important thing to remember for this log cabin is the first seam for each side of the centre square needs to be bigger. I used the 1.5cms seam allowance on my machine plate (instead of the usual 1/4 inch quilting foot, I just swapped to the regular foot for the first round of logs) and it worked perfectly without chopping off the points but still catching the fold of material

I made my log cabin in an anti-clockwise direction, please make yours the same way.
I attched strips before trimming them to length and then 'squared up' the block after I had attached one on each side, it help keep things straight and square.
As the block got big…

Beachy weekend....

A busy beachy weekend was had as we ventured across the border again for another family birthday party. Aden loved his first run in the sand with his cousin. And she loved that Aden can now say her name! She giggled everytime he said cute!
The water was very cold but neither of the kids seemed to mind...Aden loved his first real play in the waves!
Help Mummy....I can't get it off!
Standing in her daddy's footprints
Aden walked for a few hundred metres up the beach.....where he stole a football off some adults and threw it back to them
Visiting the Byron Bay Lighthouse
Eating Tiny teddies on the grass
We saw a Glider thing-y up in the sky

And we saw a turle down below in the water...can you see him?
Aden was quite taken and non-too shy with the German tourists beside us as we played on the grass...peering over their shoulders to look at the photos they were viewing on their camera....they didn't seem to mind thank goodness!
Just a little windy at the point

Fabric Giveaway...

Want some of this??? You can win it here...and if you don't win you can buy it here too!