EB Doll Quilt Swap IV

Today is opening day! Yeah!!

The lovely Ingrid of Lottielulu had made me the softest, prettiest quilt! It is fansatic!
It is pretty, pink, girly and accurate! lolNo thanks to my little healper!
Despite the trouble Ingrid had quilting it, the quilting is great!I love it!
Thanks Ingrid!
I tried to teach Aden to hold the quilt up for me to photograph...A skill we will have to work on! lol

Dh and I will share the chocolate tonight when Aden is in bed!


ingrid said…
I am so thrilled you like it! You are being too kind about my quilting though, I know I need an awful lot of practice. I had so much fun (and frustration, lol) making it for you and am so glad it has gone to such lovely home.

Emma said…
Gorgeous quilt, you lucky thing! Love the photos with Aden, too!

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