Beachy weekend....

A busy beachy weekend was had as we ventured across the border again for another family birthday party. Aden loved his first run in the sand with his cousin. And she loved that Aden can now say her name! She giggled everytime he said cute!
The water was very cold but neither of the kids seemed to mind...Aden loved his first real play in the waves!
Help Mummy....I can't get it off!
Standing in her daddy's footprints
Aden walked for a few hundred metres up the beach.....where he stole a football off some adults and threw it back to them
Visiting the Byron Bay Lighthouse
Eating Tiny teddies on the grass
We saw a Glider thing-y up in the sky

And we saw a turle down below in the water...can you see him?
Aden was quite taken and non-too shy with the German tourists beside us as we played on the grass...peering over their shoulders to look at the photos they were viewing on their camera....they didn't seem to mind thank goodness!
Just a little windy at the point


LittleWhiteDove said…
I can see the turtle! So jealous of your day at the beach, everytime we've tried to go lately it's been raining :(
i soooo love these pix and opps to see into life down under :)
verrry cool! and Beautiful!!

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