Busy Weekend....

We have had a very busy weekend...and a sick boy....not a good combo but at 8am this Monday morning he is still asleep...I'm hoping the sleep will have him wake all better...I don't like him being sick!

So here is what we did...
Friday we delivered our old lounges to my sister so that there would be room for our new one to be delivered on Saturday. I moved the rocker out of Aden's room, which left just a cot and lots of empty space, so we moved most of his toys out of the lounge area downstairs into his room. He loved it and had a ball re-discovering all his toys again! There are still some toys down stairs and it means there are 2 messy areas to tidy up at night but this will be just temporary positions til he gets a 'big boy' bed at Christmas.
After a BBQ at MIL's on Friday night I sewed...2 little pairs of boxer shorts for Aden and Bailey to wear when Santa visits. These were quick and fun to make! I bought the shirts for $5 a few weeks back.

I also finished off this Candle Mat for a swap...should have been in the post to Germany on Thursday...Opps..will get it in today's post!
Thought the sunny yellow with the Christmas colours would brighten up a cold German winter!

On Saturday morning while DH stayed home to wait for the couch and Aden and I went to 2 markets. The local 'car boot sale' in our little town, not much there and way over priced for old junk!
Then we went to the Handmade Market (they call it an 'expo' but market is a better description)
It was lovely handmade (with the exception on 1 stand) goodness! There were yummy things to eat. I was good and only had 2 tiny cupcakes from The Cup Cake Taste Aden enjoyed the other 2! He was beautifully behaved and sat in the pram while I wandered around looking at everything. There was lots of lovely little girls dresses and skirts for Christmas but not much for the boys at all. I found some cute little shirts for $10 which is a good price but they had snowmen on them...not my favourite Christmas symbol and sooo not right for our hot summer! I guess I get to make it myself then! There was a few other things I could have bought but have decided to use some of my fabric stash and make it myself.
We also got to wave at the Steam Train driver.
I think next time I will take Aden for a ride, or Daddy will so I can look at the stalls by myself!

Then I spent 3.5 hours Saturday night sewing this....
I am so very very please it worked out so well, perfect in fact!
You may recall me starting to draft a pattern for one here...well that is as far as it got then. But now I have a finished one I can't wait to start the next one!

I'm thinking about getting more creative with the quilting on the next one....just hope my machine co-operates as it has been playing up!

Then Sunday we made cupcakes to take to watch Aunty H play vigoro. She top scored with 65 and she smacked a few six's in the process! Her team won and Aden had fun playing with his Aunty on the sidelines (and snotting all over her). MIL bought a chocolate cake around for afternoon tea (we left the BBQ early on Friday night, Aden was getting sick then and very tired, and missed out on dessert) despite the drama of its cooking process it tasted very good! Hubby cooked a delicious Lamb roast for dinner and I spent the night mucky around in the sewing room....with nothing much to show for it but it looks a little tidier and I feel more organised!

Aden awake now...9am....time to start the day...again!


LittleWhiteDove said…
Oh aren't you just a clever cookie! The candle mat is stunning, and i know a little boy who would love one of those carriers!
~LilOlFrankie~ said…
Oh I love the baby carrier!! If i'd known you were going to the handmade market, I would have gone too, i've been meaning to go, I just havent yet lol
I'm glad to see someone else is popping their bub in a big bed, I was worried I might have been considering it too early for Olivia, you've made me feel better now lol

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