Around the block 2

Here is the second part of my tutorial for my 'Around the Block' blocks.

Just a log cabin really with the strips of varying widths, which means the centre square will end up off centre in different directions for differnt blocks, which is what I want to happen. It will make the layout of the blocks tricker when I get to that part!

The most important thing to remember for this log cabin is the first seam for each side of the centre square needs to be bigger. I used the 1.5cms seam allowance on my machine plate (instead of the usual 1/4 inch quilting foot, I just swapped to the regular foot for the first round of logs) and it worked perfectly without chopping off the points but still catching the fold of material

I made my log cabin in an anti-clockwise direction, please make yours the same way.
I attched strips before trimming them to length and then 'squared up' the block after I had attached one on each side, it help keep things straight and square.
As the block got bigger I placed it under a 12.5 inch ruler and lay strips over the top to work out the final logs so that the block finished slightly bigger than 12.5 inches square, I'm hoping to avoid a super tiny log on the outside of the block.

You can leave them bigger than the 12.5 inch square and I can trim and re-size them before putting them all together.

I have finished 3 of the blocks for the other ladies and I have loved being part of it! Thanks again for including me!


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