I love my little family!

These photos were taken a few days before Aden's 1st Birthday. We have finally paid them off! Although beautiful photos they were very expensive and I'll be doing a bit more searching for a cheaper photographer next time!


Car said…
Lovely photos AJ :)
~LilOlFrankie~ said…
Beautiful photos and beautiful family AJ!!! On my fb friends list, both Bec Hall and Rachael Fowler are Brisbane based photographers and I've used both before :o)
AJ - those are so cute!!!
Jennifer said…
Stunning photos AJ - especially love the one with you and Aden together. I agree with you that they are expensive. We got given a $600.00 voucher for a photo session when Ella was born. We got 3 8x10 out of it and had to buy the rest ourselves which were so expensive.
Kylie said…
Love the one of you and Aden. Totally gorgeous! And while they may be expensive, they are also forever.
great quality though!
you all look terrific :)

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