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Aden's quilt

Embarrassingly my son is almost 2 and I haven't made him a quilt yet...Don't get me wrong he has 3 quilts(!) and loves them all but I haven't made one just for him. So when we got his new bed back in January I decided to make him a quilt for it!

The top was finished 10 days ago but I am finally getting around to blogging it.

I love it and it is perfect for Aden's to quilt it. Hopefully before Winter is over!

100+ Reading Challenge...

A long weekend is a great time to do nothing and read...with a small child that is near impossible...but I did manage to squeeze in this short but powerful read. Very appropraite on ANZAC day

In 1938, Edith and her family joined the many Jewish people forced to leave their homes to escape the Nazis. In a desperate bid for survival, Edith was entrusted to the care of a children's home in Moissac, France, where other Jewish children were hiding. All the people of the town promised to keep the children's identity a secret. Could they possibly succeed? Would Edith ever see her family again? A dramatic and moving account of one girl's experience during World War II. This is the true story of Edith Schwalb.

Happy Easter!

Aden was old enough to indulge in a little more chocolate this year...but still too young to notice when Mummy ate it! He just liked unwrapping the foil!

NO! Mine!
Death of the chicken
More 'lil buba Leaha' cuddles for Aden!

Introducing Leaha Jayne

7 pounds 2 oz of pure cuteness!
Aden was so good with her, being so gentle and wanted lots of cuddles and kisses.
He was quite besotted in fact....and do you blame him...she is beautiful!

It's a girl!!

I have a brand new baby niece! Born just an hour name no weights no information yet. Just a healthy beautiful baby Girl!

100+ Reading Challenge...

I'm doing very poorly but that is because I am time poor. A couple of quick 'teen fiction' reads

A predictable read but still enjoyable.

This one is actually quite engaging...had me reading til late to found out what happens to her father.

How are you going on your challenge?? Want some more book titles to try? C is for Chaos has some book reviews for you!

Happy 1st Birthday Bailey

Cousin Baily turned one last weekend, so we flew to central Queensland to celebrate with him. Aden LOVED the plane ride and the bus we took from the parking place. He was very well behaved on both, but I now know why they make you pay for a seat on the plane when they turn two! Aden on my lap for 1 and a half hours in a very confined space is not fun!

These photos are from the plane flight home as it was very early morning and to dark on the flight up for decent photos.

Of course we also loved playing with Bailey....well I did...Aden just kept on telling him 'no that my train' when in fact they were all Bailey's....lucky he didn't seem to mind!

Bailey's mummy and I made him a train cake! It was yummy