Aden's quilt

Embarrassingly my son is almost 2 and I haven't made him a quilt yet...Don't get me wrong he has 3 quilts(!) and loves them all but I haven't made one just for him. So when we got his new bed back in January I decided to make him a quilt for it!

The top was finished 10 days ago but I am finally getting around to blogging it.

I love it and it is perfect for Aden's to quilt it. Hopefully before Winter is over!


Emma said…
Great quilt, AJ! It goes perfectly with the one on the wall, too! Good to see you quilting again.
Ann Marie said…
That quilt is gorgeous, and it will grow with him too all the way to college, and he will be there before you know it.
Helen said…
Lovely blues!!!!! Looks good! x

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