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Made it!!

Well I made it to the end of the month...I only had to fudge a few dates...

To celebrate I'm doing a table runner give-a-way..with some other goodies thrown in too!!!
If you comment here on this post, then you're in the draw...and every other comment you have left on my blog in the month of May is a bonus entry!! So really you could have 31 entries!! WOW!! lol

I'm finishing off the table runner tonight so will add a picture tomorrow.

You have until Thursday the 5th of June to enter and I'll do the draw on Friday. Good Luck!!

Here is a WIP picture....

Family Night

We had a family night tonight...a bit strange on a week night and made me very tired for school but oh well doesn't happen very often. DH cooked some BBQ meat and corn-on-the-cob YUM!!! Then the boys decided to whip our butts at cards...mind you we were under a handicap with Nic never playing the game before....We'll beat them next time!!

Little Bam Bam came to visit again...check out how much he has grown!!!

The photo is actually from Saturday...but so cute I couldn't resist!!

Noodle likes helping

Noodle decided to help me with my work tonight. After sitting on the mouse to makeit more difficult she then attacked the pencils and pens I was writing with.
Here she is proof reading my report for me...


I remember the last Indy movie I went and saw, for my brothers 10th Birthday, while on holidays in Carins, in 1989!! Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade I remember jumping at all the scary parts and thinking it was strange that the yucky gold cup was the right one!! Don't actually remember much of the story line!!

I didn't mind the new was very entertaining...but not really my style...I bit too Si-Fi for me.

Lyn's Wedding Quilt

In honour of my In-laws visiting this week I thought I would finally post a picture of the quilt I made for them for their wedding present....although the wedding was back in October 2006 I finally had this professionally quilt for $289 (including backing and wadding) and ready to deliver in April this year.... It is now proudly displayed in their bedroom...waiting for me to make some matching pillow cases I think!! Might have them done before the 10th wedding anniversary!!

Lyn chose the colours and the design from one of my quilting magazines...not one that had a pattern though so I had to make up the measurements my self. I used a Fibinacci set of numbers, where each subsequent number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers of the sequence itself. It supposedly makes for a very balanced quilt according to the magazine where I got the sets of numbers, as they apply to quilting. What you actually thought I was going to work out the numbers myself!!??!! I do love numbers though …

A growing stash....??

I've been feeling a bit 'fabric blue' lately....everyone else seems to be buying up these wonderful bargins left right and centre and I've got none...:( and nore can I afford any with IVF payments and so forth....

I know I had more fabric lying around here somewhere and sure enough when I went looking I found a nice big bag full in the laundry waiting to be washed...and so wash and iron it I did....
40 metres of it!!

Opps now I'm not feeling so fabric poor...admittedly most of it is to finish quilt tops that have already been that doesn't count right?? And then I went the whole hog and cleaned up the sewing area and stash...this is all that a have of sewing stuff... I think..?!?

Welcome Home

We had a 'Welcome Home' parade this afternoon for the boys (and girls) that have served in Afghanistan in the last 12 months. My BIL, as part of 'Reconstruction Task Force 3', did a wonderful job teaching young Afghans how to re-build their broken city. After 8 very long months (just ask his wife of 9 months!!) he came back safe and sound and we are all very proud of him. So well done fellers and thank you!!

After the march and some free food. Guess who poped up on stage to perform...Shannon Noll!!

Happy Birthday Helen

This wonderful wonderful lady had been a massive support to me, not only with my quilting but life in general. Her support and generosity go beyond an 'online' friendship. I'm really really hoping that next year we can meet for real!

Happy Birthday Helen hope you have had a wonderful day.

Speaking of Helen....I have used some of her fabric scraps to make 40 more Hexagons tonight....taking the tally to 1194

Congratulations to....

J and D on the pending arrival of their first little bub!! Currently just over 19 weeks into her pregnancy J is doing very well and scans this week confirm bubs is doing very well too!! After a rough start and a tough road they are finally getting there and we wish them both the best of everything! Bubs is due the same week as my birthday with only 145 days to go!!!! And the little tike kept his/her legs crossed at the scan so no idea what bits he/she might be hiding I guess it is a unisex a teddy bears theme....hmmmmmm off to think!!

Quilty Mail

I got two Quilty mails today....

One from the lovely Helen....who sent me
Emma's RR quilt for me to do my thing on....No pic of that...dont want to spoil it for Emma.Some lovely scraps for the hexagons....10 cake layers from our recent swap...yum!! favourite is the flowers one on top!some freeze paper which I have to ask Cass about so I can use it properlyand a lovely letter for me to read!

The other package contained the backing for MY quilt....I was deciding between the pink and blue or the green and brown.....I got the purple...
And also a metre of red that I just liked...Christmas-y maybe??

Happy Birthday to....

Megs!! Hope you had a wonderful day...

This photo was taken at her wedding in March was a wonderful day!!

Winter Warmers

It's not Winter here yet....but the weather is cooling down. My littlest sister rang last week from Sydney...I'm not sure whether it was a friendly hello chat or if she rang because she wanted something....anyway it was great to hear from her!! Love ya Cee!!

So this is what she rang to ask....could I make her some more scarves for the cool days in Sydney... a little different to a winter in the Sunshine State at any rate and she is feeling it!!

She was very lucky as I had an almost finished one on the needles and plans for a few more anyway...I can't knit anything else....sad I know!!

So here we have the one I finished last blue and green 'feathers' yarn....very fluffy....not really her colours though...So Cee let me know if you want it??!!??....
A weave scarf...I got this 'kit' from Spotlight a few years back and this is the scarf she is referring too....I gave her one in purples...apparently it is very much worn and loved and envied by her friends…

Quilts 4 Leukaemia

Clare in France is doing a wonderful job of making Quilts for Kids with Leukaemia. I don't remember how I found the Quilts 4 Leukaemia blog but I'm gald I did as I have made these blocks to send her for her quilts.

Devils Claw and in Reverse

Army Star

Friday Nights Dinner....

Roasted peppers with chillies and tomatoes....YUM!!

DH has been wonderful over the last two days taking care of me after my surgery....Still a bit sore though and he has me on bed rest...won't stop me from blogging though!!

My Noodle and the 'pink spew blanket'

I haven't posted about Noodle for a while so I thought I would...I didn't have to look far to find her...She was (and still is) curled up asleep in the corner of my study/sewing room on top of these quilts...Now these quilts have a story all of their own, well one of them does anyway...and I thought I'd share it with you!

These blankets were made by my Mum's mum's Sister-in-Law....Aunty Una. She also made us other great things as kids like doona covers (do you remember those Bee and Cee!!) and floor cushions. She made four of them, one for each of us kids and they were and still are a great size for traveling.

Anyway this one day they did travel with us...from home to Byron Bay, where we were visiting our relatives. To get to Byron Bay before they changed the road, you had to go up and over this winding range. It just so happened that we stopped at a servo before getting to that part of the trip and my youngest sister insisted, at the age of about 3, that she could …

Pretty pink-ness

My Doll quilt swap arrived at Mands today!! Yeah!! But stupid me forgot to take some finished photos..der!! So this is what I have...and then hopefully i can pinch some more off Mands blog.
I actually made two quilts so that Mali and Kya could have one each. There is no point sharing 1 quilt between two dolls...they just aren't big enough!

Pics from Mands blog...hope she doesn't mind

Doll Quilt Swap III

Quilt-y mail is good
Quilt-y mail from a friend is better
Quilt-y mail from a good friend is the BEST!!

The wonderful, super talented, luminous, magnificent, brilliant, and extra special quilter that is my friend Adds was lucky enough to get me as her swap partner for the Doll Quilt Swap III that was run through flickr.

I loved her sneak peeks and was desperate to see the finished quilt....but she wouldn't let me...I even promised not to tell anyone that I had looked and still she held her ground!! Oh and I am sooooo glad she did!!

After getting home from the Clinic with some good news, a found a package from Western Australia...oh goody I thought my Doll Quilt, it didn't click that it was from Adds, she had craftily used her in-laws address on the package...cheeky!!

But when I opened it I knew it was from Adds...and I was so so soooooo delighted!!! How could I not be with such a beautiful quilt....The Prints Charming Fabric is Divine and the quilting on this one is stunning!! Not s…