Winter Warmers

It's not Winter here yet....but the weather is cooling down. My littlest sister rang last week from Sydney...I'm not sure whether it was a friendly hello chat or if she rang because she wanted something....anyway it was great to hear from her!! Love ya Cee!!

So this is what she rang to ask....could I make her some more scarves for the cool days in Sydney... a little different to a winter in the Sunshine State at any rate and she is feeling it!!

She was very lucky as I had an almost finished one on the needles and plans for a few more anyway...I can't knit anything else....sad I know!!

So here we have the one I finished last blue and green 'feathers' yarn....very fluffy....not really her colours though...So Cee let me know if you want it??!!??....
A weave scarf...I got this 'kit' from Spotlight a few years back and this is the scarf she is referring too....I gave her one in purples...apparently it is very much worn and loved and envied by her friends!! This one is in blues...I want to go and see if they have any more of these this I can get some different colours and types of wool/yarn....has anyone seen them?? They are very easy to make and not very time consuming either....simply weave the wool through the grid and knot the ends!!
And this I what I put on the needles...again in 'feathers' yarn...It's all I had in the knitting box....the colours remind me of a Cadbury's chocolate/caramel/vanilla ice cream that you can get!! YUM!! So I will endeavour to finish this before the weather starts to warm up again....


Helen said…
Aj! Didn't know you could knit too! Clever chook!
Cee :) said…
Ha ha! Of course it was just a friendly chat. While on the phone i happened to be wearing said favourite purple scarf and it reminded me to ask for more!!! :)

I seem to be involved in the last few blogs!! Woo hoo!!! :)

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