Pretty pink-ness

My Doll quilt swap arrived at Mands today!! Yeah!! But stupid me forgot to take some finished photos..der!! So this is what I have...and then hopefully i can pinch some more off Mands blog.
I actually made two quilts so that Mali and Kya could have one each. There is no point sharing 1 quilt between two dolls...they just aren't big enough!

Pics from Mands blog...hope she doesn't mind


Cass said…
Aj they look great and how lovely of you to do two
Helen said…
Sooooo cute AJ! Can't get enough of pink!
Anonymous said…
Your doll quilts are too cute!
Mands said…
AJ - Thank you SO MUCH! I have finally blogged the pictures of the girls with their quilts. It was so generous of you to do two for them, and they are absolutely gorgeous. And you know that we love pink in this house!
Barbara said…
So sweet and they look so happy with them.

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