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Family life...catching up

IVF surgery, medical complications,emergency department, morphine, baby boy turning 5, party prep mostly directed to and dispersed among family as I was too ill, 28 kids at the park, packing boxes, moving house, staying on top of things at work, family visiting, quilting deadlines, winter illness, more got pretty busy there for a while! Who am I kidding it is still super busy and non-stop action.

We've moved house

It is a bigger and better designed house. There are still things in boxes, but we are functioning and loving it. 
My sweet baby turned 5! I'm not sure I'm ready to send him to school next year....although he is more than ready!

The Aunties out did themselves. It totally fitted the brief  - a number 5 racetrack with a bridge and a red lollipop stop sign

I have more to share from his party but that is a whole other 'pinterest' post! 
Sorry if you follow In is a snap shot of what else we've been up to!

I've got a …