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I've been busy....

but nothing in the sewing room unfortunatly! Sadly the sewing day I had planned for last Saturday got one day to sew in aaaaaaaaaaaaages!
Hopefully I can have another chance holidays are getting closer...of course that means more work for assessments and parent interviews and the like that goes with the end of (a long!!) term....I think I'll go nuts if I don't get some time out soon!

Anyway here is what we have been up to!

Aden's first go at helping to cook for real...he was very good until he lifted the wisk out of the mix and straight into the butter container...Hubby go some great video for those on Facebook!

We fight Aden EVERY night with dinner....he is starving when he gets home from Daycare and the snacks on fruit and cheese....crys if he doesn't get it (can have a real melt down!! and I hate to see him hungry) and then won't eat his dinner an hour later. I'm trying my best to have dinner ready but impossible when you have jus…

Happy Birthday Beautiful Niece!



Ok so it is not a big interview or pattern or anything but I have one of my mini quilts in the lastest issue ( Vol 12 No.3) of Homespun! I was the featured in the 'Readers Show Case' (page 6) and received a prize too!

It was my 'Bye Bye Birdie' quilt I made for Helen!

I love the table runner in this issue...adding it to my list!

You will see Emma in this issue too!

The Birthdays

It took me ages to read this book. Partly because I have been super busy but mostly because it was a hard book to read. I found it really hard to follow the story line. It jumped around with no flow.....this is just my opinion of course but not a book I will be reading a second time.

Around the block 2

Abbe is busy preparing for the arrival of her first baby...this block will hopefully make it to her place before the baby does!

These 'stacked book' blocks were fun to make...I almost wish Abbe had given me some more green fabrics to work with...there is not a lot of green in my stash! I hope the one I did include 'goes' but I put it on the end so that if she doesn't like it it will be easy to unpick and change! I have 3 leftover 'books' to start another block so I sent those back to Abbe too!

Now that they are posted and in the mail I've thought of a better way to construct them....I was a bit worried they wouldn't be centred and square...I should have joined and then chopped off the ends to aquare up thje block....d'oh....sorry Abbe....send more fabric if you want me to re-make...(or make some more!!)