I've been busy....

but nothing in the sewing room unfortunatly! Sadly the sewing day I had planned for last Saturday got cancelled...my one day to sew in aaaaaaaaaaaaages!
Hopefully I can have another chance soon....school holidays are getting closer...of course that means more work for assessments and parent interviews and the like that goes with the end of (a long!!) term....I think I'll go nuts if I don't get some time out soon!

Anyway here is what we have been up to!

Aden's first go at helping to cook for real...he was very good until he lifted the wisk out of the mix and straight into the butter container...Hubby go some great video for those on Facebook!

We fight Aden EVERY night with dinner....he is starving when he gets home from Daycare and the snacks on fruit and cheese....crys if he doesn't get it (can have a real melt down!! and I hate to see him hungry) and then won't eat his dinner an hour later. I'm trying my best to have dinner ready but impossible when you have just walked in the door! He did enjoy these devil saugages the other night....maybe it's all in the name??Anyone offering tricks to get a toddler to eat something other than cheese???

There was also a smidgen of naked gardening...We now have a few more strawberry plants, more rosemary ( we cook with it faster than it can grow!) and a potted dwarf lemon...can't wait for this to grow some fruit!

There is lots of other boring household and work stuff going on too....so I have been busy!


cas said…
AJ, could you maybe (when you have the chance) stock up on some meals for Aden?

Then when you come in, you can defrost and zap a meal for him?

Make huge amounts and freeze?

We still do this with Caitlin. When we have a yummy meal she loves, i make double and freeze about 6 or so portions for Caitlin.

The other option is get one day ahead of yourself, then every night save him that nights meal for the next night?

It is hard, because he wont be eating with you.

Good luck.
ingrid said…
I was going to suggest the same as Cas. Each night give him the leftovers from the night before. Then you only have to zap them and dinner could be up in a few minutes.

I have no tips with the cheese. Kitty won't eat at at ll unless it is melted through something else. She won't even drink milk!
This is a good recipe to freeze :

I made a quadruple batch and we ate half of that in one night (3 adults and 2 children), and froze the other half.

Or since Aden likes cheese, how about lasagne? You could make it in advance too. Karen recommended cooking the lasagne and then cutting it up before freezing.

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