Ok so it is not a big interview or pattern or anything but I have one of my mini quilts in the lastest issue ( Vol 12 No.3) of Homespun! I was the featured in the 'Readers Show Case' (page 6) and received a prize too!

It was my 'Bye Bye Birdie' quilt I made for Helen!

I love the table runner in this issue...adding it to my list!

You will see Emma in this issue too!


The Brissmiths said…
Congratulations AJ! I love that table runner too. Must not buy, must not buy, must not buy...Susan
Helen said…
I brought the wrong Homespun the other day AJ! I clicked the photo and read what you wrote, awwwwww, how special is that!!! Very cool! Thank you for making it for me, lucky to have such a beautiful blogging buddy. xx PS - where have you been on msn this week??
ingrid said…
YAY for you! You clever girl! I hope you got a lovely prize.
Shannon said…
Well done AJ! x

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