Around the block 2

Abbe is busy preparing for the arrival of her first baby...this block will hopefully make it to her place before the baby does!

These 'stacked book' blocks were fun to make...I almost wish Abbe had given me some more green fabrics to work with...there is not a lot of green in my stash! I hope the one I did include 'goes' but I put it on the end so that if she doesn't like it it will be easy to unpick and change! I have 3 leftover 'books' to start another block so I sent those back to Abbe too!

Now that they are posted and in the mail I've thought of a better way to construct them....I was a bit worried they wouldn't be centred and square...I should have joined and then chopped off the ends to aquare up thje block....d'oh....sorry Abbe....send more fabric if you want me to re-make...(or make some more!!)


ingrid said…
I love the green and gre combination. I am sure she will love it.
Helen said…
Lovely AJ!!!

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