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Strawberries and Cream....Finished

I've finished my second quilt for the the same month as the first....I finished hand-stitching the binding down this morning. The dark pink on the binding is what I have used for the backing as cute!!
This is Annaliesa's first quilt but I already have another one being planned in my head....using the michael Miller trucking material that I bought ages ago....just have to make it girly enough....Here is the pile of presents we will be taking down with us next week! As well as the Golden book 'Where do kisses come from?'

Sweet Roses


More of My Beautiful Niece

Cluck Cluck Cluck!!!

I'm an Aunty!!!

My brother and his partner had a baby girl last night. The first grandchild for our parents.

Hello Aunty Manda & Aunty Cee,
My name is Annaliesa Maree Carter and I can't wait to meet you! I'm missing you already. I was 6 pound 3 ounces and 53 cm long. I was born at 10:27 pm on 21st March 2008. I have VERY big feet and long fingers (Aunty Bee thinks I'm going to be a piano player!) Aren't I CUTE!!! mwah!

I will have to decide which of the pink and white baby quilts to finish before we go to visit.

Flashback Friday

Here is my mum....

For all you softie freaks out cute is this one!!! This is my father-in-law aged 6-months


I love a long weekend but a 4 day long weekend is heaven!!!

After spending the last 3 1/2 hours cleaning and tidying the house it is now ready for the in-laws to arrive. I had almost half of a chocolate bunny last night from one of my (7!!) prac students and I think will just about do me for Easter! None of my students gave me anything which is unusual but because Easter this year doesn't back on to the school holidays I guess parents weren't thinking of it....not that I needed it anyway!! Walking the dog almost every morning has done nothing to my weight...just moved it around a little I think.

I'm watching the footy on TV tonight and a game at the stadium on Saturday...and for those that asked....I watch real footy....NRL....I only picked 4 in last week tipping contest at hopefully I do better this week.

Also my little sister has asked what happenend to Flashback Friday....I sorta stopped but she liked the trip down memory lane so I will come back later with one …

Footy Season....

The footy season has returned....and that also means the return of 'The Footy Quilt'...aka the hexagons!!! At the end of last season they were at a count of 1001 and looked like this........after a little bit of off-season training the count is up too.....1068 .... most of the off-season was spent putting it together in bits and pieces and and now it looks like this.....not a big difference...but lots of work!! I have tried to make one of the sides straight so I can start to see how big it is is layed out onour 6-seater dinning room table give you some idea of how big it is. Hopefully with a few more months in front of the football it will get bigger and bigger!!

New Ideas...

The latest AP&Q (Vol 16 No 8) arrived on my doorstep on Friday....and I found these two quilt I like...Both very different in style and colour. The first one reminds me of the quilt I made for Patrick. I love the tiny 16 patch blocks and the diamonds that appear after putting it together. It was done as a mystery quilt in three parts. I'm thinking of one in Blues and greens and purples with white. I've called the quilt 'Sherbet' (as it didn't have a name....just mystery quilt).

The other one...'Westward Ho!'... not sure why i like it....I don't really like the colours of course....but I can see it in aqua, creams and browns (the Sand and Surf Fabrics by Marcus Brothers)

Good Boy!!

Jester had a great time at training last night...Lucy said he had improved sooooo much in one week....probaly all those morning walks we have been going on....A big pain and a huge hole in my sleep time....but Jester enjoys it.

Mail = Smiles

It is amazing how a friendly voice and a few pieces of mail can put a smile on ones face....especially when it has been missing all day!!

After a tough day at work it was lovely to come home (early 'cause I didn't want to face the piles of marking still to do!) and hear not only a lovely message on my voice mail from Helen checking on what fabric I needed but also a package of lovely red fabrics from Ads too!! As well as some OZtion FQ's.
Thank you girls for looking after me!!!

Round Robin Centre

I liked the patten when I started but had so much trouble with the colours, my curved piecing was terrible and unpicked a dozen times, then it looked OK. The edges were all wonky so I added a border, and then I wanted to make it easier on Joy who will add to it next and decided turn it into a rectangle. It took me three goes ( and wasted material) to get the triangles right and still the edges were terrible. I decided a framing border would look nice so I added one......and now the more I look at it the more I don't like it!!

I'm hoping Emma and then Helen, along with Joy can make me love it again....I'm sure they will!!

I spy with my little eye

This is my first finished quilt for the year....terrible I is already March!!

This will be going to M and M's new baby....still no name. Hope they like it!!

He has a name....Nathaniel Newton M****** cute