I love a long weekend but a 4 day long weekend is heaven!!!

After spending the last 3 1/2 hours cleaning and tidying the house it is now ready for the in-laws to arrive. I had almost half of a chocolate bunny last night from one of my (7!!) prac students and I think will just about do me for Easter! None of my students gave me anything which is unusual but because Easter this year doesn't back on to the school holidays I guess parents weren't thinking of it....not that I needed it anyway!! Walking the dog almost every morning has done nothing to my weight...just moved it around a little I think.

I'm watching the footy on TV tonight and a game at the stadium on Saturday...and for those that asked....I watch real footy....NRL....I only picked 4 in last week tipping contest at work....so hopefully I do better this week.

Also my little sister has asked what happenend to Flashback Friday....I sorta stopped but she liked the trip down memory lane so I will come back later with one for this week....I'll see if I can find an Easter related one.


Helen said…
AJ! I can't believe none of your students gave you any choccy! Grace handed out 3 lindt bunnies to her teachers/assistants on Thursday, I must admit, they did look suprised at getting a pressie. Teachers work so hard, the least a parent can do is buy a $5 bunny! Happy easter hon. xx

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