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12 WIP's in 2012 Winner

Send me your address Abbe and I'll send you some fabric! Thanks again everyone for joining in 12 WIP's in 2012.

12 WIP's in 2012 - Round up!

With the end of 2012 comes the end of 12 WIP's in 2012. I didn't get anything near the amount of finishes that I thought I would but it did inspire others to work through their WIP pile.
I've spent the last few hours checking blogs and links to gather together all the entries. But I have a bit of a problem. Only 5 of you sent me something to add to the prize. It still makes a nice little bundle of fabrics and bits and bobs, but I'm wondering if I should wait til the end of the month to draw the prize and give the others one last chance to pay their 'entry fee'.

Here is the final list of entrants and the number of tickets they have in the draw.
A Mummy  =  4 Ange's Ramblings = 1 Anna = 2 Bacoon = 1 Bec = 3 Becky = 7 Car = 9 Celtic Thistle = 10 Copper Patch = 7 Humming Cat = 3 Leah = 3 Monkey Quilts = 1 My Space = 5 Nellie Bligh = 8 Ninny & Maude = 3 Through my eyes = 2 Tin Whistle = 13 Wallaby Creek = 2
Please comment if you'd like to still send me something by the…

Sew your stash thin 2013

It seems that there are a few stashes out there that are out of control....mine included! So after a chat with some online quilting/sewing ladies I've decided to host a stash busting effort for 2013.

The aim is that you make something (and finish it WIP's don't count!) out of you stash and that the out going fabrics are more than the incoming 'must have' fabrics.

I just can't put a ban on fabric buying....what if the BEST fabric ever is released this year and I miss out! So this will hopefully keep a lid on it!

To help keep track of that fact that your stash is shrinking I'm going to suggest that your count in Fat Quarters.

Backing and binding for quilts is easy to calculate.
Quilt tops can be more difficult. You can use the pattern requirements, if you use a pattern, to help work it out, or measure what is left of the fabric yardage/FQ's that you used, or you might like to weigh your finished top and use that weight of it to guesstimate how many FQ&…

13/13 The start

Are you ready to read? Join The Little White Dove in  her 13 books in 2013 reading challenge.

This is the start of my reading pile and I'll be letting you know how I'm going at the end of each month.
Add your name to the linky, take up the challenge and there may be a reward in it for you!
(see here for details)

{2013} A new year

You may have been wondering where I disappeared to....?? Well it turns out that a certain 3-year-old had been enjoying his toy research a little to much in the form on YouTube clips and used our entire (massive) download limit for the month in 20 days! Needless to say we have now removed the Wi-fi from the Tablet and are strictly monitoring what he is doing on the computer! (Not that we didn't know what he was doing before, they are all innocent toy reviews, but we didn't realise how quickly they chew up your download!!)
So other than a scheduled post for the finial WIP round-up for the year (more on that later) the blog has been non-existent for the Christmas/New Year period. Loading photos on dial-up speed is not worth the trouble!
Christmas was lovely and relaxed at Nanny's house with friends and family. Aden was the only child there on Christmas morning so between Santa, Mummy, Daddy, Nanny, Great Nan, Aunts and Uncles he was rather spoilt. He was very grateful for …