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The month that was....

A month without did that happen??
I'm not sure anyone even noticed??

Anyway for those of you who do read and would like to see what the last month was like at my place here it is....

* Dental surgery for some fillings (I'm still suffering from terrible Mummy guilt)
* Late night baking and hot tea while I finished report cards.
* Lots of drawing and writing letters
* Lots of imagination play and building
* Cousin sleepover and more playing
* Checking out the toys sales to make birthday wish lists
* Falling asleep before the Rugby kick-off

 * Learning to ride a bigger bike * Again missing the kick-off to the Rugby       (he did get to see the third game only because we insisted on a day sleep!) * Training to become a Wallaby * Science at the local Art Gallery with Friends

With the weather cancelling our Medieval Fair Day, we made a  quick decision to play on the island for the day instead.
There is nothing better than a gorgeous friend, bright sunshine, a…