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Pinwheel Progress

These came together really quickly. I'm gald I stuck with the 2nd light purple 'castles'. After looking at the photo's I'd taken on the blog I was worried that they didn't have enough 'pop' but I didn't want to unpick my lovely points so stayed with the more matchy 2 light purples....and they look great! Even if I do say so myself!
(Blogger turned my do I turn it back??)
I've decided to twist the pinwheels around to give the blocks more movement and add some green 'linen' looking quilting fabric for the sashings.

Now to get it all together with a final border and then to think about quilting....I have 2 weeks left to finish it!

Those massive piles of books in the background is the real work I'm supossed to be doing....quilting is much more fun wouldn't you agree?


A beautiful new niece needs a beautiful new quilt!

Here is what I have so far

I decided it was unbalanced with only the 1 lighter purple so swapped it out (even though I had already cut all the triangles...I'm sure I will find a use for them!)

Better?? or worse??

I hope you think it is is better because I'm loving how well all the points turned out!

Aden's Quilt

Adding the binding...
( Photo taken 18/08/2011)
Aden kept asking "I have quilt Mum?'

Yes my sweet boy you may have your quilt now! He has been sleeping under it the past week and loves been tucked up under it!

Is there anything better than a little boy reading books in bed under a handmade quilt??

Whole quilt photo when the sun comes out again...maybe Monday!

Aylssa Grace

Our family is truly blessed to have this little one in our lives. Alyssa is 11 days old and soooooo tiny!! We had the sweetest newborn cuddles and Aden sneaked in a kiss too! So looking forward to seeing this little girl grow and play with her big sister.

Better get started on her quilt(s)!! last!

Ignoring the piles of folding all over the table...I'm quilting! Only 15 days left of Winter and I want this quilt on Aden's bed before Spring arrives! Such a good helper....NOT!

Mr Independent!

I came in from hanging the clothes out and unpacking the car from swimming to hear a little voice say "I got yogurt Mummy'
The fridge door was hanging open, the cutlery draw also open and Aden was in the lounge room with his open* yogurt helping himself.
Then he takes me into the kitchen where he had put the jam and butter on the bench....'Sandwich please Mummy'
We had been talking about having lunch when we got home. I guess he couldn't wait!

* the lid was in the bin!!


How cute are these Pj's for my train-loving son! Baby Gap! Super cute if you ask me...and made all the better with a cheesy smile!
 He is also getting super clever at building towers....over and over and over again! His look of concentration is just precious to watch!

He seems quite please with himself doesn't he!

Pink Roses

MIL is off to wait the arrival of her 3rd grandchild. A little niece for me and a new cousin for Aden. Not sure whoes idea it was hers or hubby's (although he is taking all the credit!), not to let these beautiful rose stay in her garden with no-one to appreciated them, so I got them. They are massive and they smell divine and you get a big whiff every time you walk past! Just beautiful!

Thanks Hubby! (or MIL!)

P.S. Hurry up little girl we are all waiting to meet you!!

Swimming lessons!

Aden loves swimming and I was very proud today to watch from the dry and warm edge today. He didn't seem to mind the cold and did a great job of listen to the teacher and waiting his turn.

We need to work on not throwing all the toys around and out of reach of the other kids.
He did some great paddles and kicks on the board and loves using the mat and jumping from the edge.

Well Done Aden. I am very proud of you today.

Happy 2nd Birthday my beautiful boy!

Dear Aden,
Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet boy. It has been such a pleasure being your Mummy for the last 2 years!
You are a joy to be around and you make me smile everyday. I am constantly surprised at the things you have achieved and the new things you learn. Your ability to speak and form independent sentences amazes me. You love to chat and will talk to almost anybody.

I love the way to introduce yourself to strangers in the shops or people who come to the door. 'Hello, I Adie' while you point your finger to your chest. This is usually followed by a useful piece of information like 'I'm wearing my new pajamas'* (even if they are not new) or 'This is my Mummy'
I love the way you are singing Happy Birthday to yourself while you eat your breakfast, and randomly start singing the Alphabet or Wheels on the Bus when we are driving in the car.
We are not loving so much the 'What you doing?', 'Why?' but I love the curiosity you show towards new t…