Pinwheel Progress

These came together really quickly. I'm gald I stuck with the 2nd light purple 'castles'. After looking at the photo's I'd taken on the blog I was worried that they didn't have enough 'pop' but I didn't want to unpick my lovely points so stayed with the more matchy 2 light purples....and they look great! Even if I do say so myself!
(Blogger turned my do I turn it back??)
I've decided to twist the pinwheels around to give the blocks more movement and add some green 'linen' looking quilting fabric for the sashings.

Now to get it all together with a final border and then to think about quilting....I have 2 weeks left to finish it!

Those massive piles of books in the background is the real work I'm supossed to be doing....quilting is much more fun wouldn't you agree?


Emma said…
Your pinwheels look terrific! And I have no idea why blogger randomly rotates the odd photo - it happens to me sometimes, too.

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