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An extra day!

Today is extra day this month to finish off your WIP for February! Add it to the linky here to be entred in the draw this month.

Of course I haven't even looked at my WIP's this month so I'm not really being a very good host am I!! Where does the time go??

I did have 1 small finish though

This will be revealed in full when it arrives in the mail. I used some of my new Kate Spain Terrain FQ's so it is pretty special!

And speaking of WIP finishes these have arrived in the mail to be added to the prize at the end of the year!

Thanks Fiona and Car!

Lights on the hill

I'm from a 'tuckin' family. We grew up around trucks. My dad and brother own/manage the family business with 12 semi-traliers and other smaller trucks and vehicles.
This weekend was the 'Lights on the Hill Trucking Memorial' where a convoy runs to remember truckers who have died on the job.

Thankfully none of our trucks need to have memorial banners on them!

Despite the rain Aden and cousin Annaleisa has a great day!

Here is Pa's newest truck 'Pa's star' with the name of his little stars on the side!

Finished WIP's for February

What lucky ladies you are this year! One extra day in February to finish off your WIP is the linky to start adding them.

Open til the 6th of March.

We love reading!

2012 is the National Year of Reading. And we are a family of readers so I thought I'd share what we are reading this week. And hopefully I'll keep doing so throughout the year.

Friday is Mobile Library day in town. The truck stops right outside Aden's daycare and he is always happy to go to the 'Library Bus' when I collect him in the afternoon.

Aden is loving sea creatures at the moment, with whales and dolphins being his favourite. We picked out a few simple information book called  'Animal Babies in the Seas' and 'Whales and Dolphins'. The second one has 'flip the flaps' that show whales using their blowholes and splashing their tails into the water. Aden is really enjoying them and is starting to remember and repeat the facts as we read them.

This is the real reason I'm writing this show you this book.

When a generous quiltmaker finally agrees to make a quilt for a greedy king, but only under certain conditions, she cause…

First Haircut

Unfortunately my son takes after me in the hair department....very fine, very blonde and very slow to grow! Poor Boy!

My Great Gran gave me my first haircut when I was 4yrs old (and it didn't need cutting according to my Mum's handwriting in my baby book!)

So today he had his first haircut, aged 2 years 6.5 months old.


Reading Car Magazines while they wait....

We've been talking it up for a while now, (while I got used to the idea) but he was a little unsure at first. There was another man in getting his haircut and Daddy was next in line so he was very brave and climbed up into the chair.
About the lose the 'wild man' hair 

The moment of truth....

I got to keep the tiniest bit of hair...

And after.... we still have the curls

Too busy playing 'Angee Birdies' on my phone to look up!!

My gosh he is a handsome boy!

A big quilting day!

Not only did I finish 1 'Spot' quilt top I finished 2! And 2 lots of binding and 2 lots of backing and I made 2 quilt sandwiches!

Ok so the house is still a mess, nobody ate any real food today just snacks and Aden watched way too many eposides of the Octonauts (the same one on repeat...he loves Orcas) but a had a very busy, tough week at work and I needed some time out doing something I enjoy. I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow when there will be twice as much work to catch up on.....I have very bad quilters guilt at the moment!

Spot top finished!

A late night last night and the final out border added at 8:30 this morning = a finished top!

I only intended it to be a play quilt but it fits perfectly on Aden's single bed. I guess with 3 older brother little Zebby is going to need a bit more room to play with them all at once! 

Now to get to sandwiched and quilted before the end of the week!

A new quilt!

I know I know I know!! I'm supposed to be finished WIP's this year not starting new quilts! But I did explain in my last post about how I thought the 'Roadworks' quilt was too grown-up for a baby and had to make something else.

Well a long-ish trip to SL today, most it it spent chasing Aden and his trains, which he kept pushing under the shelves for me to retrieve, had me come away with some fabrics to go with the 'Spot' panel I'd seen last week. Another customer in SL, who informs me she used to teach quilting classes, was very helpful at deciding that the fabrics I had picked worked really well together. She continued to pull out more fabrics but we kept going back to my originals. It is always nice to have a second opinion on your fabrics.

The blue and yellow are from my stash at home. The striped micro-dot  (from my stash) to the right will be for the backing.

This doesn't include the panel which I have now actually decided not to use!

Here is wha…