A new quilt!

I know I know I know!! I'm supposed to be finished WIP's this year not starting new quilts! But I did explain in my last post about how I thought the 'Roadworks' quilt was too grown-up for a baby and had to make something else.

Well a long-ish trip to SL today, most it it spent chasing Aden and his trains, which he kept pushing under the shelves for me to retrieve, had me come away with some fabrics to go with the 'Spot' panel I'd seen last week. Another customer in SL, who informs me she used to teach quilting classes, was very helpful at deciding that the fabrics I had picked worked really well together. She continued to pull out more fabrics but we kept going back to my originals. It is always nice to have a second opinion on your fabrics.

The blue and yellow are from my stash at home. The striped micro-dot  (from my stash) to the right will be for the backing.

This doesn't include the panel which I have now actually decided not to use!

Here is what I've laid out so far....

I'm not 100% sure the blue works although I feel it needs something to 'lighten' it up a bit.

The plan is....

Spot Strip with white toys below
3 x 10  4" squares mixed colours
Spot Strip with white toys above and below
3 x 10 4" squares mixed colours
Spot Strip with white toys above

4" border of brown spot with the stripe binding

The decisions still to be made that you can all help me out with is....

Do I include some of the binding stripe into the 4" patch blocks??
And do I take the blue out?

PS Hubby I used my christmas gift vouchers in case you were wondering!!


Kylie said…
If you take the blue out, what would you use instead? I'd say a no to using the binding stripe as well.
Emma said…
I like your plan. Yes to the blue squares, no to the stripes in the squares. If you want to incorporate the stripes in the body of the quilt, consider a narrow strip of them between the toy strips and the sections of squares - say 3/4in wide
LittleWhiteDove said…
I'll admit I'm not loving the blue, though I see your point. Have you got a different blue that you could try?

I agree with the girls about not using it as a square, as I think having it as the binding as well will make it too much a feature. What about as a flange between the Spot and the Toy rows?
The Humming Cat said…
That brown dot, i have in red and deep blue if that helps at all?
hubby said…
What about my pants? And tell the whole truth your vouchers didn't pay for all of it did they? P.S. I love you wifey.

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