First Haircut

Unfortunately my son takes after me in the hair department....very fine, very blonde and very slow to grow! Poor Boy!

My Great Gran gave me my first haircut when I was 4yrs old (and it didn't need cutting according to my Mum's handwriting in my baby book!)

So today he had his first haircut, aged 2 years 6.5 months old.


Reading Car Magazines while they wait....

We've been talking it up for a while now, (while I got used to the idea) but he was a little unsure at first. There was another man in getting his haircut and Daddy was next in line so he was very brave and climbed up into the chair.

About the lose the 'wild man' hair 

The moment of truth....

I got to keep the tiniest bit of hair...

And after.... we still have the curls

Too busy playing 'Angee Birdies' on my phone to look up!!

My gosh he is a handsome boy!


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