An extra day!

Today is extra day this month to finish off your WIP for February! Add it to the linky here to be entred in the draw this month.

Of course I haven't even looked at my WIP's this month so I'm not really being a very good host am I!! Where does the time go??

I did have 1 small finish though

This will be revealed in full when it arrives in the mail. I used some of my new Kate Spain Terrain FQ's so it is pretty special!

And speaking of WIP finishes these have arrived in the mail to be added to the prize at the end of the year!

Thanks Fiona and Car!


Celtic Thistle said…
Glad it all arrived intact, your Kate Spain piece looks lovely, look forward to seeing the full picture.
The Humming Cat said…
I lurve your mug rug, ver noice fabric with modern quilting, win win.
Must send you my FQ pile I have put aside.
Helen said…
Can't wait to see themug rug revealed!
Nell said…
Unfortunately no finishes for me this month either AJ and I somehow missed the whole linky thing for January. If they were blogged but not linked do they still count?
Still have my parcel sitting here to add to the prize pool - must put it on the to do list for next week!
Copper Patch said…
Ooops I was a bit a finishing fail for Feb, lets hope March has several to make up for it :o)

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