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Around the Block 2 - Spiders Web

Truth be told this block scared me when I first saw it. And now I feel guilty cause it was soooo easy and fun! Mine will be the last one to return home.

Thanks to Amy for providing a great tutorial link and some wonderful fabrics to work with. This is not my colour pallet or usual fabric prints at all but I enjoyed working with much so that I am planning my own quilt using this day....
I only just had enough fabric so Amy won't be getting any scraps back...but she can have a nice photo of the (lovely) mess on my floor!

Butterflies for Rachel

Rachel is making a quilt for her littlest monkey.
Pretty sweet butterflies for Maya. They will all be home soon and I'm looking forward to seeing them all together.

My butterflies are missing their antennae, Rachel said she wouldn't mind adding them when the get back....I am yet to master a french knot!

Around the Block 2

2 Blocks for Kate.
I'm really enjoying all the different blocks I get to tackle for this.

The colours are just lovely in these moasic blocks. They would look lovely in just about any colour I think. Hope Kate likes them!

Men don't quilt

This is what my husband is proof they can!

Aden had all the right actions!

PS. There is NO blade in that cutter. Aden kept wanting (and taking) my new cutter so I took the blade out of the old one and let him play to his hearts content!

Mess Making

This is what I have been doing tonight... making a mess!

How about you?

Day Care Photo 2011

How beautiful is my boy!

Star Light Start Bright

I started these blocks in December 2007...I thought it was only like 2 years ago and I'm slightly embarassed to see that it is actually 3.5 years! Yikes!

It makes sense though....the little boy this quilt is for will be turning 4 in September. I wonder if Nicholas' mum would still like it for his bed??

It has and all-over medium stipple with random 5-point stars. I had major issues with the top and bottom threads being different colours and this was th main delay in getting it quilting...I continued to get too frustrated at it and would but it away again.
I'm gald I persisted and it looks great!
Hubby helped choose the binding fabric...I wanted to use red but the one I had left in my stash wasn't an exact match and it have bee noticable. I quite like the blue though...makes the blues on the front 'pop' a bit more.

What's next in the 'to finish' pile??

Leaha's Quilt

Little Leaha is 2 months old today!

(These photos were taken a few weeks ago at my Dad's wedding. She was an angel through the whole thing!)

I had to wait til she was born to find out she was a girl and then I could start making her a quilt. I've had this Sorbet for 2 years and I finally got to use it. I finished the quilt top back in April and have been slowly quilting it when I get 5 minutes.

I used this 'Moda Bake Shop' Pattern called 'Awesome' Lap Quilt which sadly needed some tweaking to make it work. I had to trim the blocks to make them fit together and then adjust the lengths of the strips to make it right.
When I laid the 3 sections out together it was just To much of something...and very overwhelming! It needed the plain cream to break up the colour a bit and then it looked odd with just the sashings so I added an outer border too.

I've quilted straight-in-the-ditch lines along each section and a small stipple in cream thread on the sash…


My poor boy is struggling with ill health today. I had to go and pick him up early from Day Care...We had snuggles and Thomas all afternoon.