Men don't quilt

This is what my husband is proof they can!

Aden had all the right actions!

PS. There is NO blade in that cutter. Aden kept wanting (and taking) my new cutter so I took the blade out of the old one and let him play to his hearts content!


Natalie said…
Go Aden! I can see him whipping up teddy quilts in no time
Ann Marie said…
Teach him how to draw a straight line with a pencil, and then cut on the line with a pair of scissors. Then he is actually getting it cut out safely, and then you can let him sit at the machine and sew them back together again. :D Aden could be the next Manquilter!
~LilOlFrankie~ said…
That is amazing AJ!!!! I'm always comparing Aden to poor underdeveloped Olivia (well she's normal, Aden is advanced) lol
Daddy said…
No need for a fabric cutter on the rugby paddock. Rugby ball for his birthday it is. Manquilter! We'll see.
Kylie said…
Look at him go - love it - well done Aden - you may hae a fabric designer in the making:)

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