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The Humming Mini

Looking for some great fabric bargins...find them here at The Humming Mini My cyber friends (or imaginary as my DH says) have got some bargins....look what I got!

Doll Quilt Swap Progress....

After getting very frustrated with and not having any inspiration from the materials I had already bought for the Doll Quilt I went to Spotlight...I was very uninspired there too! But came home and sat and sat and looked through my quilting books....and so here is what came of it.....
Some very tiny tiny triangles and lots of fiddling....
makes for some very tiny tiny flying geese...I've never made flying geese before....and tiny is hard...most of the points are right but somehow a few of them moved when I was sewing...I have already unpicked some of them...but I think it adds character...!!

And so yesterday from nothing we now have a completed Dolls Quilt top...waiting sandwiching....which I should get done today....pitty I can't show it yet!!

And then, just now, I have come up with an idea for the material I had already I think I'll make another Doll Quilt....

Congratulations to ......

Mum and Roger...despite the was a good night!!

Tables...yes real fish to go with the fishing theme!

My Nana, My Godmother and Aunty Valda
Thses two lovely people are Anuty Elieen and Uncle Joe...both into their 90's and still spring chickens...Uncle Joe even had a few scotches!!
4-month-old Sophie holding very tight to DH's finger while she slept in my cute!!
Mum's dog....Kobe

Sugar n' Spice

Couldn't help but make this oh so sweet Doll Quilt for Grace and arrived safely while I was away so now I can post some pictures....I enjoyed making the 'Prarie points'....something I hadn't done before....and I love the way they turned out

Just had to pinch this georgous photo from Helen's blog....this is Grace enjoying her new quilt...

Flashback Friday - Pets

I brought back 2 shoe boxes full of old photos from Mum's this lots of flashback photos

This weeks theme it PETS

These few were taken about 1984 I think. Little sis aged 2 and I was 3..

These are of my other little sis....1987...check out the size of that cat!!

and 1989....check out the shoes on the cat, 'Patches'...who belonged to my Nana

The Name Game....

The Name Game...can you tell I'm bored resting my foot!!
Found here on Leah's blog

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car)
Paris Astra
2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie),
Chocolate Delta
3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name),
A Car
4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal),
Blue Collie
5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born),
Jade Sunshine
6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)
7. SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink)
The Yellow Milo
8. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers),
Trevor Murry
9. STRIPPER NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy),
CK One Mint
10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ),
Narelle John
11. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the…


I hurt my ankle at netball last night....ouch!!

More cute things!!

The world is full of cute things at the moment...check out these little cuties...I'll definitely whipping up some of these.....
Found here on Michael Miller's new blog


My DH is featuring this week...with a lot of reluctance!!
Novermber 1981 - 10 and a half months
Christmas 1985


How cute is this!!!

My older brother will be having a baby in a new baby quilt is in a truck driving sweet is this is a Michael Miller print that I got from spotlight yesterday.....I hope he has a boy so I can make a truck quilt!! It has some purple in it and I found a great purple backing so I may just make it anyway...boy or girl!!


This 'might' be my fabric for the doll quilt swap!

Some more reds for the raggedy edges the cherries....thinking about going back for some more!

Colourful Cabins

Finished putting this quilt top together today....the second of my log cabin quilts...I think I will get this one professionally quilted just for the sheer size of it. It is layed out over our Queen bed here....will go on the double bed in the spare room....

Don't you think Noodle is rather possive of this quilt?? Check out her facials!! It will eventually be hers as she spends a lot of time curled up on the spare bed!

Sneak Peek!!

Look what I've been doing....well you can't really look til it reaches it's new home...but I'm so please with the way this turned out....My first go a 'Prairie Points'....I love them!! A bit more fiddly than a regular binding but adds that something extra to this special 'little' quilt!!


Flashback Friday!!

How match-y match-y is my family!!
This was taken in December 1986 for my baby sisters christining, in our front garden. Check out our matching hand-made outfits!!

My Dad!!

With all the hype of the wedding over the weekend I forgot to post a
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my Dad and FIL....I didn't forget to ring my dad of course but I forgot to blog it!! I then felt really guilty cause I did a Mother's day

Taken in January 2007

what can I say about my Dad....he is great....very giving and cares very deeply for his kids...he would do absolutely anything for us...he is wonderfully generous...once he heard on the radio station that a Down syndrome young boy had his bike stolen so he rang the radio station and bought the boy a new one!! He is a great friend and fun person to be around....he is just my dad and I love him very much!!!!

Happy Father's Day


A week ago my SIL said to me guess what....I'm getting married...I thought she meant she was now engaged to be married as we have talked about that before....but no she was actually getting married in a little over a week...After recovering from the shock...I asked who knew....not many...and most were not to know til after the actual ceremony!! I found that very strange ....and was very worried about what her parents would say.....more worried about them than her, as she seemed so sure of herself...and he is a lovely guy.....anyway today they did it....they pulled off a very surprise wedding...with a few close freinds on a very very windy beach...The ceremony was very simple and very lovely....just what I think they wanted....I was sad that her parents weren't there to share it with us.....there is no 'issues' with their parents....just the way they wanted to do things....and that was their decision to make and they stuck to their guns....It really was very beautiful..…