My Dad!!

With all the hype of the wedding over the weekend I forgot to post a
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my Dad and FIL....I didn't forget to ring my dad of course but I forgot to blog it!! I then felt really guilty cause I did a Mother's day

Taken in January 2007

what can I say about my Dad....he is great....very giving and cares very deeply for his kids...he would do absolutely anything for us...he is wonderfully generous...once he heard on the radio station that a Down syndrome young boy had his bike stolen so he rang the radio station and bought the boy a new one!! He is a great friend and fun person to be around....he is just my dad and I love him very much!!!!

Happy Father's Day


Helen said…
Happy Fathers Day AJ's Dad! Wonder what next years Fathers Day will be like for you guys......

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