A week ago my SIL said to me guess what....I'm getting married...I thought she meant she was now engaged to be married as we have talked about that before....but no she was actually getting married in a little over a week...After recovering from the shock...I asked who knew....not many...and most were not to know til after the actual ceremony!! I found that very strange ....and was very worried about what her parents would say.....more worried about them than her, as she seemed so sure of herself...and he is a lovely guy.....anyway today they did it....they pulled off a very surprise wedding...with a few close freinds on a very very windy beach...The ceremony was very simple and very lovely....just what I think they wanted....I was sad that her parents weren't there to share it with us.....there is no 'issues' with their parents....just the way they wanted to do things....and that was their decision to make and they stuck to their guns....It really was very beautiful....enjoy the pictures!!

And one of my new haircut!!


Wow Gutsy move. Was there a problem to have parents. Confliction?
AJ said…
nope no problems...just how they wanted to do things....very gutsy!!
Lily said…
Oh my parents would have been devastated! But gorgeous dress on the bride (hope she was wearing nice knickers on such a windy day though!) And nice 'do! Bit of wind in your hair, eh?
Great photos. All-in-All it's their day and their choice.
Love your new do. What a lovely day.
ingrid said…
Beautiful photos! And what a gorgeous and brave couple! I would have loved to do something like that, but my mil would have never forgiven me.
Helen said…
Snap AJ! I have a fantastic new haircut too! LOL Wedding picts look lovely, they look so in love! Hope the parents are cool when they hear the news.....
I love the photos. They look so happy together. Love your new hair do too.
atet said…
Lovely photos and a lovely couple. I don't know about brave -- but I do hope they don't have too many repercussions about their decision -- the beginning of a marriage should be nothing but joyful.

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