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Maybe he will be.....

Aden has been really into imagination games of late. Yesterday he was using a needle to make woody feel better and listening to his heart. Maybe he will be a doctor.....

Then he was building a 'path' with some off-cuts of wood and banging them together with a toy hammer. Maybe he will be a builder....

And then this morning he opened the kitchen cupboards stood in behind the 'fence' and began neighing and asking for hay. Maybe he will be a

'Cat in the Hat' Quilt

Aden picked out this 'Cat in the Hat' material and wanted a quilt for Day Care.

I hate sending him to Day Care but it feels better when he can have a rest with Mummy's handmade quilt to snuggle under...especially now the weather has turned so cold!! He has also requested a pillow to match. Because his best friend H has a pillow...he wants one too!

I talked about the quilting on this post.

We had a bit of a scare with this quilt last week...only it's second week of going to school. It went missing for a whole week! I was not impressed that somehow it had gotten 'lost'. I had all the teachers turning the Day Care upside down looking for it! Turns out that it got put in the wrong sheet bag and went home with another child! Lucky they brought it back!

Aden loves his little quilt...but is already requesting another one in different fabrics!

Finished WIP's for May

Nearly half way! 

Enter you finished WIP projects here to be in the draw!

Love my little man!

Aden: "Mummy we have to buy Harli some Princesses" Mummy: "what are you talking about Aden" Aden: "When we go to the shops we need to buy Harli some Princesses"
Mummy: "Oh you mean the yoghurt Princesses like your Lightening ones" Aden: "Yeah, we need to get some so I can get it to Harli." Mummy: "I'm not sure we can do that but it is a great idea. What a caring boy you are. How about we draw Harli some princess pictures instead. Aden: "Okay Mummy" Daddy: "Does he have to draw Princesses?" Mummy: "Yes. Harli likes Princesses doesn't she Aden?" Aden: Yep Harli is my best friend, she likes princesses."
Mummy: "Do you know what a princess looks like Aden?" Aden: "Yes They look like Mummies. Like you Mummy!" Mummy: "awww thanks buddy"
Daddy: "I've been teaching him good!"
Happy Mother's Day on Sunday to all the Mummy Princesses!
Although some…