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Self Indulgence....

Spent some time and $$ being self indulgent this weekend...and suprisingly non of it was quilting related...

Had a lovely morning yesterday shopping with my SIL, who will be moving away in a few weeks time :( so I had to make the most of a shopping buddy. I bought some new clothes and some desperatly needed summer shoes...3 pairs to be exact!

And today I bought some summer reading....I call it summer reading cause I won't have time for it until then!
Anyone read these???? Good reviews??

Stash Sunday

I originally bought this to go with Joy's RR...but they only sent me a small FQ instead of the metre that I ordered...I still tried to work it into her quilt but I couldn't make it fit...Will have to make my own 'reef' quilt one day!!

Baby Alannah

Alannah's Daddy worked out how to email me now I expect them every week!!


Playing in the jungle....aka our backyard!!

The hanging of the Quilts

I hung my birthday quilt from Helen today...and last years (opps!!) EB Doll Quilt Swap from Lily!! Just in time to recieve a new Doll Quilt in a few weeks!!

Stash Sunday

How cool is this and red spider webs! I got this FQ as part of the Birthday swap with the SCQuilters...most of the others were really not my style at all...nor were they what I asked for...and I'm still waiting on heaps too...Don't think I will do the SCQuilters one next year...but the EB one I will!!

Welcome Home

Dear Aunty AJ

Hello my name is Alannah Clare
I was born on Saturday 11th October at 2:40am. (3 days before my due date).
I weighed 6pounds 7ounces.
I am 51 cm long.
Mummy and Daddy are over the moon at my arrival.
We came home today.
I was born by emergency c-section and I would have been home earlier but mummy had a few post operative complications. (She is doing well though).
I love feeding and cuddling everyone. Daddy says I am the cutest thing he has ever seen.

Love Alannah

Happy Birthday to me!!

I started the morning with a needle jab to the guts to get the IVF ball rolling again, hopefully I respond well again and there are quite a few little eggies to collect in a few weeks!

I recieved lots of phone calls and texts from family and friends. Thank you! Funniest when was the phone cut out when MIL was singing 'Happy Birthday', it was that bad!! No not really Lyn!!

I didn't tell the kids it was my birthday but I was off class for the day so didn't have to deal with any whinges or whines from them! Just the frustrations of sitting at a computer all day! I love my computer time at home but couldn't stand to do it all day! I had to delete most of the work I have been doing for two days because I missed a step in the setup process and basically had to start over!! Dam!! The years 6's sang to me at the Library and I got lots of well wishes in the staff room.

Of course I had lots of squishy fabric to open!! So here is it!

From these lovely ladies!
1. Leah, 2. Xena,…

Morning Call

These little buggers are noisy in the mornings!!! The nectar in the flowers stinks like off honey...very sweet but gross!!

EB Doll Quilt Swap II

I finished making all the blocks this morning and then hand stitched them while watching Bathurst..stupid Ford won, Holden's turn next year!!

I love the puffy 3D effect the folding of the fabric makes...I like all the fabrics individually...but when they are together....???....DH hates it....and I'm still not sure.....I still have time to make another one if this one isn't right....hope my swapee leaves a comment!! HINT HINT!!

Thanks for your comments girls...It was the brown that was throwing me to I think...Helen likes it thought so it must be good!! :P The more I look at the the more it grows on I guess it is in the mail soon!!

Stash Sunday

These are the fabrics I'm going to use to make a quilt for our bedroom....Marcus Brothers Surf & Sand


And they match my new blog colours sooo nicely!!

Puffy Block

How cool this!!! I made this block today for my EB Dolls Quilt Swap. And I love it...of course it took me a lot longer than I thought it would and I still have 8 more to make...more sneak peeks later!

Congratulations to....

J and D on your baby girl!! Alannah Clare was born very early this morning . I'm so happy for you both!! And can't wait to meet her...checking flight details now!!

Must finish her Noah quilt now too!!

Sunday Stash...late!!

Helen found a new game to play on Tamara's blog - Stash Sunday...I found it on Sunday and have finally found a few minutes while DH locks up for the night to quickly post, so not technically a Sunday it still counts!

I found this a SL last week....sooo cute...Told Adds about it and now she has some too!! Not sure what to do with it...Table Runner for Christmas Table maybe!

Happy Birthday Mum!!

My mum turned 50 yesterday...and celebrated in style!! We went down for 5 days to help her prepare and organise a 'Hippy' themed party. DH and I dressed up and went way out with wigs even!! No photos yet as I forgot to take my camera...soooo unlike me!! I finished her '50 years' photo album and it was well recieved, thank goodness!! It only took 8 months worth of work and 172 pages!! plus a little bit more money than we planned to spend...oh well it was worth it!

After a very very slack month as a blogger I will try and to get some more posts online in October!! It is the start of the final term at school and so will be a very busy one!! I will do my best!'

Here is a pic for this post....I came home to find these blooming in my garden...I though I would miss out on seeing them while we were away but there are even a few buds still left to open.