Happy Birthday to me!!

I started the morning with a needle jab to the guts to get the IVF ball rolling again, hopefully I respond well again and there are quite a few little eggies to collect in a few weeks!

I recieved lots of phone calls and texts from family and friends. Thank you! Funniest when was the phone cut out when MIL was singing 'Happy Birthday', it was that bad!! No not really Lyn!!

I didn't tell the kids it was my birthday but I was off class for the day so didn't have to deal with any whinges or whines from them! Just the frustrations of sitting at a computer all day! I love my computer time at home but couldn't stand to do it all day! I had to delete most of the work I have been doing for two days because I missed a step in the setup process and basically had to start over!! Dam!! The years 6's sang to me at the Library and I got lots of well wishes in the staff room.

Of course I had lots of squishy fabric to open!! So here is it!

From these lovely ladies!
1. Leah, 2. Xena, 3. Bec, 4. Emma, 5. Emma, 6. Cass, 7. Helen, 8. Helen, 9. Helen, 10. Island Kylie, 11. Mands, 12. Lily

Thank you to Mands and Xena who included magazines (I didn't have either of them!), Island Kylie for the puppy buttons (so cute), Emma for the extra FQ and Lily for the scraps for some hexagons! Leah gets bonus points for getting hers to arrive on the right day!

And lots of of quilty hugs go to Helen...who, along with lots of extra fabrics, sent me a stunning wall hanging to add to my wall. I LOVE IT HELEN!!! Pefrect combination of colours and I love that she included some of her favourite fabric from her last post!

There might be some more arriving this week so I will save them up for a Stash Sunday post when I have them!

Sis and Bro-in-law have just left after having dinner with us and bringing cheesecake (YUM!!) I have an early morning meeting at work tomorrow so it is off to bed for this birthday girl!

Thanks again everyone!!


Leah said…
Oooh, lovely assortment! And that quilt!!!!!! Happy birthday :)
The Humming Cat said…
Where's mine?? I sent it last week!!
Car said…
Happy Birthday AJ, glad to hear it was a lovely day with lots of quiltyness to open :)
Mrs M@sk said…
Happy birthday AJ! Don't worry, I wont torture you with my singing xo
Emma said…
Happy Birthday AJ! What a lucky girl getting such a gorgeous quilt! Fingers crossed for some productive jabbing.
Sunny said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wow! Such yummy squishies! That little quilt is just sunny! LOL Good luck with the little eggies. You all are in my prayers.
Helen said…
Happy birthday again AJ! Lovely selection of fabric there, I like Lily's FQ the best! And yes, included some of my extra special orange spotty fabric in your hanging. Weekend chore for Aaron to put it up for you! I sewed lots of BFP vibes with every stitch! :)
Selina said…
Happy Birthday AJ!
Kylie said…
Hope you had a great day AJ.
Natalie said…
Gorgeous fabrics and I love what Helen made for you, just lovely!

Sorry that my FQ didn't arrive in time, I sent it Monday and hoped that austpost would get it there in time for you.
Cascade Lily said…
Happy birthday again AJ :)

Wow that quilt Helen made is beautiful. And perfect colours for you :)

I love the fabrics you've chosen for your bed quilt too. Very cool and summery.

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