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Finished WIP's for July

Winter s a great time for making quilts! Have you got a new one on your couch this winter??
Add it to the Linky list and don't forget you must have sent a FQ to be in the draw at the end of the year.

Purple Strings

I'm rather embarrassed to be starting this quilt so late....I've had lots of idea....lots of ideas....and well no motivation for any of them.

Then 'string' quilts started showing up all over Pintrest and that gave me some motivation....and a first birthday deadline of course!

Here is the first block I made on the 4th of July....

Then 4 more appeared before I work out how many I needed....

I'm loving the purpley plum colours...string quilts are mostly made out of scraps but I cut into some of my most treasured fabrics for this one!
I made 12 blocks for a rectangle play mat but have since changed my mind!
I won't show you the finished quilt til it is gifted....only a month left to get it quilted. Hope I make the deadline!

{Delivered} Spot Quilt

After months of trying to match our busy schedules I was finally able to give this speical little boy a quilt of his very own.

This boy gives out the best snuggles!

Perfect for trying out the 'almost crawling' rocking that babies do! So cute!

{Swap} Charm Squares

The Humming Cat is hosting a 5inch charm square swap...she mentioned 'uglies' but I cut into some good stuff too and there aren't too many uglies in my opinion!

Here are the 100 charm squares I'm sending off....

hope I get some good ones back....not sure what I'm going to do them them but it has been nice playing with and folding fabrics (just don't tell Hubby or he'll want to know why I wasn't folding the mountian of clean clothes instead!)

You can join in the fun too if you

Super Aden

Back Blogging........12th June 2012

A friend is having a superhero party for her youngest boys 1st birthday in September. I suggested to her that I could make capes for all the boys (+ the adults so that is 9 capes!) Of course she loved the idea and so I got searching on the net for a tutorial to help get me on the way. There are a few out there but I winged most of it anyway.

I made a 'practise' one first...too short, too thin in the 'straps' for velcro and the neck space was too big for Aden.

So I made some adjustments to my paper pattern, retraced it and got cutting out a second one....and a third one...and a fourth one....

I've recycled the black cotton fabric table cloths from our wedding. It was a bit dusty in places where it had been packed away but it worked perfectly.

I had a rainbow of colours in satin to choose from and Aden picked the light blue one. Each boy will get a different coloured cape, with a personalised letter.

Then I decided that Aden's…

{Bee Block} Mitred Squares

Milly at the Tin Whistle asked for these super simple but oh so accurate Mitred Squares.
 She left us with a tutorial and while I waited for her fabrics to arrive I pulled out all my own stripy fabrics!

I didn't htink I had quite that many but they were fun to stash dive for! And even though I pulled them out early I didn't get to do anything with them til Milly's fabrics arrived.

Her tutorial is super easy to use and I was SUPER impressed with how neatly I could line up the stripes! I sorta got carried away and made more than I should...I'm sure the 'clown vomit' quilt Milly makes will like the extras!

Here are the ones from Milly's fabrics....

These are the extra's I made from my stripes....

These two come from the same piece of fabric!

Thanks for a great block Milly