Purple Strings

I'm rather embarrassed to be starting this quilt so late....I've had lots of idea....lots of ideas....and well no motivation for any of them.

Then 'string' quilts started showing up all over Pintrest and that gave me some motivation....and a first birthday deadline of course!

Here is the first block I made on the 4th of July....

Then 4 more appeared before I work out how many I needed....

I'm loving the purpley plum colours...string quilts are mostly made out of scraps but I cut into some of my most treasured fabrics for this one!

I made 12 blocks for a rectangle play mat but have since changed my mind!

A bad late night smart phone photo with my shadow over it!
I won't show you the finished quilt til it is gifted....only a month left to get it quilted. Hope I make the deadline!


Helen said…
These look great AJ. You are inspiring me to get my strips out and do the same!
Celtic Thistle said…
I love your purples, the strings look great. Looking forward to seeing the final quilt.

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