Super Aden

Back Blogging........12th June 2012

A friend is having a superhero party for her youngest boys 1st birthday in September. I suggested to her that I could make capes for all the boys (+ the adults so that is 9 capes!) Of course she loved the idea and so I got searching on the net for a tutorial to help get me on the way. There are a few out there but I winged most of it anyway.

Great for leaping off tall buildings
I made a 'practise' one first...too short, too thin in the 'straps' for velcro and the neck space was too big for Aden.

So I made some adjustments to my paper pattern, retraced it and got cutting out a second one....and a third one...and a fourth one....

I've recycled the black cotton fabric table cloths from our wedding. It was a bit dusty in places where it had been packed away but it worked perfectly.

I had a rainbow of colours in satin to choose from and Aden picked the light blue one. Each boy will get a different coloured cape, with a personalised letter.

Then I decided that Aden's cousin Baily would  like a cape to jump off buildings with (and give Nanna a heartattack!) so I cut out another one....

Then I decided capes aren't just for boys and that I should make my neices one each too....

The I decided Aden's little friend might like one for his I cut out another one....

Are you keeping count...??

Seeing how much trouble a superhero can get into!
I have 16 capes on the the go at once!  4 are completely finished, the black backing is cut out for each one and I've traced off all the letters for each cape.

Cheeky face
Checking how far down it is!

Aden is getting a lot of enjoyment out of his cape and I hope the others bring just as much fun to their owners!!


Carmel Morris said…
Sixteen? Are you crazy? I thought nine was enough! They are really good fun though. My boys love theirs.
The Humming Cat said…
Insane! He is just so cute AJ.

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