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The last of Blogtober...

And what a lovely way to finish...with a squishy parcel for me and Aden.

Aden's part consists of 2 lovely pillow cases to match his quilt from the EB ladies. Not sure who made these ones but we love them! I've been meaning to make some cushion covers to go on the pillows I use on the rocking chair in Aden's room (I pinched some old ones from the couch...and they are yuck!) but now I don't have to! Thanks Ladies!They came wrapped in the MM Cowboy print in the next photo...perfect for some overalls I think!

And for me some lovely greens and yellows to add to my fabric stash...Thanks Helen.

3 Months!!

Look at my little 'jail bird' Aden likes to sit up and see what is going on around him. When he is lying down he can pull his head and shoulders up like he is going to sit up! But he still hates 'tummy time' although he can lift his head up and look around quite well!
Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!! A thumb sucker...Daddy's worst nightmare!!And for those of you who know me well....check out this bottom lip!! Just like Mummy!!

Weight: 5.67kg (growing 300grams but dropping down into the 25th percenticle)
Length: 63cms (growing 2cms - 75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 39 cms not growing this month (dropping down to the 10th percentile)
The last two measurements i had to do myself as the nurse at the clinic didn't bother...Aden will soon have his own personal clinic nurse...Granma!!






These are no where near perfect...but I'm really pleased with them. I probally should have started with something a little bit easier for my first actuall Free-motion Quilting on a quilt...never mind.
I have learnt a few things...
1. Don't get distracted by looking at the baby...without taking your foot off the pedal first
2. Have an idea of where you want to finish before you start
3. Try and look a little bit ahead of where you are actually sewing, it makes for smoother movements
4. Don't panic when you find yourself stuck in a corner...stop and think about it..there is always a way out!

So hopefully my swappee will forgive these amature attempts at FMQ and look at the big picture...It looks better when you stand back a little bit!

Only the binding and a lable and it will be in the post by mid week...days before the deadline! Yippee

Aden's Library....

Aden loves books! I know he is not 3 months old yet..but he loves them anyway. He stares intently at the pages and sits so still while you read to him.
I thought I was lucky getting 2 packages in the mail this week...turns out they were both for Aden!

For me?? he says!

My Mum sent him his first 'Book Fair' book.
'Driving Down to Grandma's' by Ian Whybrow Illustrations by Ed Eaves
It is a cute ryhming book about a family of bears driving to Grandma's for cake! They pass a fire truck and a bus, stop at a petrol station and have a car wash. The illustrations are lovely and bright with heaps of things to look at and point out to Aden. There is also a bee to find on each page! We like this book. Thanks Nanny!

The second parcel was from Aunty Bee (with a Brithday card inside for me). A cute little set of 4 books. Thanks Aunty Bee!

Finished Commission Quilt!

1 Year old Hayden will love this quilt! The fabric is sooo soft, from the 'Print Charming' Range

Finished size: 66 inches square


It seems like everytime I take Aden to work for a visit we come back with more presents! These cute clothes are from Sonya!

I love the Panda socks!!


Every second Wednesday is catch up day with the other babies from our antenatal class. The babies were all born within exactly a month of each other. Aden is the second youngest....only by a matter of hours...Ellie's Mum started her labour after mine but finished before me, making Ellie about 12 hours older than Aden. Not sure what he thinks of girls...or he's just upset that someone else is stealing the lime light...!!

From Aden clockwise...Ellie, Zander, Thomas and Benson

Aden the clever boy also rolled over for the first time today. Form his back to his front...and then cried! Aged 11 Weeks and 6 days!


I love hnad stitching the binding onto the back of a you quite a sense of accomplishment...well it does for me anyway. I love the corners best of all...when you work out that is...I've only made a few dodgy ones in the past..usually where the joint in the binding strip meets at the corner...not these...these are perfect...even if I do say so myself!

Rhyme time...

Aden went to his first 'organised' class today...Baby Rhyme Time at the local Library.

He loved it!

It was a lovely 40 minutes of clapping rhymes and songs with a actions...Aden fell asleep for the last 2 songs but I was amazed at how interested and active he was in the class...giggling and smiling at the clapping after each song, letting me move around his arms and feet to the actions and staring at all the other babies.
There were 12 kids with their parents, including 2 dads which I was impressed with, and yes they both sang along with the songs, as well as 1 Grandma and Mum cute, Grandma was so proud of her first Grand-daughter!

It is all about language development and bonding with your baby...Aden was the youngest baby there and then when I read the free books and DVD we got, I worked out why...turns out the classes are for 4 month to 20 month babies...opps! The leader didn't seem to mind so we'll be going back!

It brought back some lovely memories of song…


The binding is now on this quilt ready to go to it's new owner on Friday.

Aden loved sitting at the sewing machine with me...stucking on my arm and staring goggle-eyed at it. He kept grabbing hold of the binding as I was trying to attach not really helpful but cute all the same!


I'm slowly getting there with Aden's cross stitch....That's the trouble with starting soooo many projects at once...progress is always so slow!!

Happy 29th Birthday to me!

Thanks everyone for the birthday messages, texts and phone calls!

I've had a good day...a trip to the hairdressers, where Aden was an angel...slept and played in his car carrier perched up on a bench.

Did some of the usual house-y things, washing, cleaning, food shopping, changing nappies etc... But also this year I got heaps of cuddles and smiles from my little cute!

DH is taking me shopping tomorrow for my present...a lamp for my sewing room!! As well as my brand-new expensive sewing machine just over a week I think I'm set for another year of sewing...yeah!!

Star Baby....

Here is what the stars say about Aden...taken from Astrobabes

LEO (July 24--Aug 23)

This child is not afraid to be himself and loves to show others how good he is. His sheer vitality makes him the eternal performer who thrives in the spotlight. Energetic and generous, with a deep need for recognition, his creative skills are there to be released into the world. Leo is a loyal friend and champion -- whatever he does, he does wholeheartedly.

Personality key: Wholehearted, dramatic, romantic, energetic, generous, brave, grand and excitable.

Parent power: If taught to recognise that others have strengths too, Baby Leo can become a positive force in life.

Bye Bye....

Bye Bye Aunty Cee! Thanks for looking after me while Mummy went to the Dentist, sorry about the stinky nappy!! (hehehe) I love my fish and my new clothes. See you in a few months! xxxooo

Look at the little bits of fuzz growing on Aden's head!! I'd like to think he is growing some hair...but that is just wishful thinking!
Aden has been making himself a new rotuine the last few nights...not one Mummy likes! Waking up twice last night and taking a while to settle after a feed the night before...he still doesn't like to sleep much in the day with sleep times of 1/2 hour max!! I can't start anything too major unless it can sit and wait til Aden is playing happily again.

Free Motion Quilting....

One of the main reasons for buying my new sewing machine was so that I could Free Motion Quilt (FMQ) my quilts. Well it looks like it will be a while before I'm at a stage of FMQing a whole quilt!
I've had a few practises on some spare fabric and this is what I can do....very slowly!

Then I got brave and decided to just go for it and FMQ on my EBDQS quilt....I only did this little bit....I hope my swappee will forgive my errors and accept the new things I am learning...

I have sooooo much more to learn...I think a Saturday morning class, while DH looks after Aden is on the cards...

Anyone have any FMQ tips to share??


We have had a fun morning in this house! We wore Aden out playing with his growing collection of toys!! He is not really sure what to do with them yet...but Aunty Cee and I had fun!

Look how clever my boy is sitting up aided by the pillow!

Meeting Nemo...thanks Aunty is nearly as big as he is!!

Aunty Cee.....

Aden has now met his other Aunty!!

Cee arrived with presents and hugs and kisses for her little nephew! Aden wasn't too sure at first but he was soon giving out lots of smiles and giggles!

Aunty Cee bought Aden two new books that she loved as a kid and now Aden can too...Tonight they read 'There's a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake'

It is one of my favourites too. Aden loooooves looking at the pictures as you can see in this photo!


It is amazing how friendly you can become with someone you have never met. And I have met some wonderful people in the last few years of blogging and the internet community.

I'm very pleased to see my bestest online friend, Helen, being published for the first can check out her wonderful quilts on her blog...but better yet go out and buy the Homespun magazine and make a 'Helen original' for yourself!

I'm lucky enough to have 2 'Helen's' on my quilt wall!

Mt. Fold-more....

I love having Aden in cloth nappies...the washing is no trouble the machine does it for me...the folding on the other hand...if you miss a day or two it turns into Mt. fold-more!
This is not just nappies of course but sheets and was a real mountain!

Tickles from Daddy


In the hopes of educating my little sister...
Bunting is; Bunting was originally a lightweight worsted wool fabric used for making flags of the Royal Navy A thin cloth of woven wool from which flags are made; it is light enough to spread in a gentle wind but resistant to fraying in a strong wind; Flags considered as a group; Strips of material used as festive decoration, especially in the colours of the national flag The traditional woolen material from which flags are made. Any fabric used in flag making.Get the idea??

Or in this case...triangles of fabric that are going to be used to decorate the nursery for Nic and Beau's baby. I've only made yellow, green and red so far...but hope to get the whole rainbow done this week. Of course I've made too many triangels for the length I think I'm going to I think Aden will get some too for his new room.

While borowzing for a picture of bunting to educate my sister I found this cute little birdie...Indigo Bunting Bird..…