In the hopes of educating my little sister...
Bunting is;

  • Bunting was originally a lightweight worsted wool fabric used for making flags of the Royal Navy
  • A thin cloth of woven wool from which flags are made; it is light enough to spread in a gentle wind but resistant to fraying in a strong wind;
  • Flags considered as a group;
  • Strips of material used as festive decoration, especially in the colours of the national flag
  • The traditional woolen material from which flags are made.
  • Any fabric used in flag making.

Get the idea??

Or in this case...triangles of fabric that are going to be used to decorate the nursery for Nic and Beau's baby. I've only made yellow, green and red so far...but hope to get the whole rainbow done this week. Of course I've made too many triangels for the length I think I'm going to need...so I think Aden will get some too for his new room.

While borowzing for a picture of bunting to educate my sister I found this cute little birdie...Indigo Bunting Bird.....I love the colours!
I think Aden's bunting will be all blue now...to go with his 'Ocean' theme and inspired by this bird!

The rest might just pop up here for a giveaway...stay tuned!


Cee said…
Thank you for the education darling sister! Missing your school kids already!?!?! Can't wait for Sunday!! Love ya!
Helen said…
Bunting, I love that word! Bunting, bunting, bunting!!!
Bee said…
Are you trying to educate me... silly idea that is!!! B xoxo

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